“I’ll be stuck in Obamajam! You’re Baracking my way!


There is a sure fire way to freak out LA drivers.
Just say, Obama is coming to town. More moans, groans, and loud screams can be heard than at a showing of a “Friday the 13th Extra Special Halloween Out Takes” movie. So scary, crying gasps of “OH NO, NOT AGAIN!”  at decibel levels so high, they ring in the ears of the innocent from San Diego to San Francisco.
Hopefully, that is not the case for this quick trip. Quick? I’m talking hours.
He is here for one reason and one reason only. No, not fundraising, he’s here in the home stretch of the 2012 election campaigning. The president will be appearing with Jay Leno in Burbank.

He will be landing at LAX in the late afternoon between 4:30 and 5:25.
President Obama will do his interview for The Tonight Show, and then off he goes, continuing to try to win any last minute undecided voters (yeah right, undecided voters exist? Who are these people?) to cast their vote for four more years.
He is expected to leave our fair city on Air Force One at 7:45 p.m.

Rather than a motorcade from LAX, Obama will likely take a helicopter ride into Burbank.
He will then be driven to the NBC studios. Although we are not privy to the details, it worked out great for everyone last time around, and where I’m concerned, especially for LA commuters.

A practice run with two Marine choppers flew over Studio City on Sunday headed toward Burbank. This follows a pattern that we have seen before. In the past, when he was fundraising on the westside similar chopper rehearsals took place.

Alameda, Olive and streets surrounding NBC Studios will be closed. I would expect that Bob Hope Drive will also be closed.
Luckily, rolling closures have been put in place since that first nightmare Obama visit. The gridlock that no Angeleno can ever forget.


UPDATE 8:08pm President Obama has just departed on Air Force 1.

Update 7:46pm

Reports of the motorcade headed up Hollywood way about 10 ago.

Update 6:23pm

Olive, Alameda, Riverside Dr and Pass are all jammed in the vicinity of NBC Studios and the Burbank Media district as Obama draws close.

Update 6:16pm

Traffic all of a sudden jamming up around NBC studios (Olive/Alameda) so he’s close.

Update 6:04pm

Motorcade has not arrived yet but is said to be very close.  More reports of closures along Hollywood Way.

Update 6:02pm

Since we’re hearing the motorcade is on the move and that Magnolia is closed at Hollywood Way, we’re assuming it is heading down Hollywood Way and you can expect rolling closures.

Update 5:54pm

Magnolia Blvd closed at Hollywood Way

UPDATE 5:40 President Obama has landed and has boarded a helicopter and is heading to Burbank!


UPDATE 3:55 pm

“President Obama is scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport at 5:25pm.  From there it appears he will be helicoptered to Burbank.  He may go to Bob Hope Airport and be driven to NBC – although some sources are saying it may just be a direct flight due to the short time he is there.  He is expected to arrive around 6:30pm at NBC.

If you work in the Burbank area, your best bet is to get out before 5pm to avoid traffic.

Burbank PD has not mentioned what streets will be closed yet for Obama, but it is safe to assume streets around the NBC Studios will be closed, including:

  • Alameda Ave
  • Olive Ave
  • Bob Hope Dr
  • Buena Vista St
  • Riverside Dr

Rolling closures may also occur between Bob Hope Airport and NBC.  Most likely candidates for travel are Hollywood Way or Buena Vista – but could also be via I-5, 134 or Vineland.

Thanks to our great friends at Total Traffic!

Stay tuned!

Photo from About Chicago