LA freeways are now easy to understand


I just love maps, hey maybe that’s why I became a traffic reporter!
I really like what Stonebrown Design did with these maps.  It Sure makes LA freeways much easier to understand!

This is super


Click on the map and check it out enlarged!


Stonebrown Design is the work of Peter Dunn.  Oh, and you can order prints from his website. I think I see a new framed picture on my wall in the very near future. Peter Dunn here I come! Great job sir! Here is just a taste of he has to say about his project.

Overview: How to map highways using the design principles of subway maps

      Or, A New Yorker’s guide to Los Angeles

Getting around Los Angeles without using the freeways would be like travelling (sic) London without taking the Underground. Sure, you could do it, but it would only show you how inexorably linked those cities are to their dominant modes of transportation. The maps of those freeways, however, haven’t gotten nearly the design attention that transit maps have enjoyed. A standard metro area highway map is filled with features outside of the highways—boulevards, local streets, places of interest—that are just the sort of extraneous information that transit maps omit. At the same time, these maps typically gloss over the details of actually using the interchanges and exits on the freeways themselves. That style of highway map is no doubt useful for many purposes. But what would happen if you designed a map that focused on the freeways as a standalone system, stripping out non-essential information to focus on navigation of the network itself?

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