How to Load your Bicycle onto a Metro Bus Bike Rack and then some!

Metro has a website to assist people that want to use their bike to commute to work. It has tips and tricks for bringing your bike on a train or parking your bike at a Metro station.
They have a  bike pocket guide (one in English and another in Spanish) that they encourage you to read that includes bike rules and laws. Mostly basic stuff, but take a look – there are a couple of things that were new to me and several things that a cyclist can always be reminded of.

Other useful information you will find, loading your bike onto a bus.

The Source

Also where to go if your bike gets left on the bus.

If your bike is accidentally left on the bus, please visit the Wilshire Customer Center.  They are located at 5301 Wilshire Bl (at La Brea) and open between Monday – Saturday from 9am – 5pm.

If you observe a safety or security problem, call 323.563.5000.

For more information including bike maps, helpful links, upcoming events (the next Bicycle Roundtable will be Friday November 5th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm), go to Bike Metro.