Hey everyone. I’m KCRW Dj Anthony Valadez. I have been asked by Kajon The Great to contribute to this wonderful blog.
I was truthfully not sure how I could add to her already established masterpiece but it kind of made sense.  I make my living
as a Dj.  I am out on the streets 4-5 nights a week and I always carry my camera with me. There is this urge in me to document
the streets, the buildings, the people and every other element that surrounds me.   There is something special on the cold pavement
at 3 am on the streets of Venice or Downtown LA.

As you can imagine, I have seen all that has been swept under the rug of LA such as the prostitutes, the drunk douchebag
that got left behind, the car accidents, the drunk drivers, the abused girlfriend left on the side of the road.  But I also get to see the people
having the time of their lives, the lights that still shine, the pizza man still delivering, deli’s still open, the kid who kicks a chair down
the street and people roaming the streets with awesome smiles. This is life. This is the late night shortcut to happiness.

I hope you enjoy my contributions to this wonderful blog.  You can also check out some more of my pics here or take a listen to my
dj mixes on my blog as well.  And please remember to always wear your seatbelt, drive with safety and explore your neighborhood,
your city, your environment!  There is so much beauty that surrounds us and is taken for granted.