Jason Groman

My friend and colleague, Jason Groman regularly drives the Harbor Freeway.
So with this being the first week with the new transponders, I had to ask…
“Jason, how was it?”
I wondered, are the lanes flowing or are they bummer to bummer like all the other lanes?
For clarification, this was yesterday 11/14/12, and the freeways were particularly bad.
Peeps, I’m talking pack-a-snack speeds (10mph and under) bad.
With red brake lights as far as the eye could see. Like stars in the sky, there were billions and billions of cars, trucks, and buses on all the freeways and surface streets too. Traffic everywhere.
It was even worse than today a Thursday for heavens sake!
Thursdays are the worst day of the week for heavy traffic. Can you believe, even worse than Fridays. Here’ s what Jason had to say…

 “Hey K. Just got off the 110 South & North to see the traffic flow each way. Per your request.
The Fast Track was moving quite nicely.
Van pools, 2 to a vehicle, buses, CHP cruisers, Motorcycles n such. Good flow.
The regular lanes however, were the usual 4:30 pm fare
. North bound was backed up all the way from Redondo Beach Blvd heading into DTLA.”

So, even with it being a really bad day for traffic the lanes were moving.
I wonder if that will last  as more  and more people buy transponders. Maybe Jason can give us updates as time passes?