I heard from a reader that the amnesty program is not all that it is cracked up to be.
I’ve included a section from ” Gullible in LA” ….

“Warning: You cannot just go to court thinking you are going to finally be done with it by paying 50% of the fine. The ticket in question has to be in “collection” status via GC Services Limited Partnership. GC Services is used by the Los Angeles County Superior Court to try to collect money from delinquent (unpaid) traffic tickets.

The courts with quadruple the amount of the original unpaid ticket before handing it over to GS Services who will then double that. Now we are at 800% of the original fine The courts / judges will not give you any discount if you go directly to pay the old ticket. Interestingly GC Services have gotten a concession in all the court houses where they work hand in glove with the court system to extort more money from the citizenry…”

Also included, a video to help explain how to qualify…but keep in mind that according to Gullible, the video DOES NOT include the very important part that your ticket needs to be in collection to qualify.

I have a few phone calls into the powers that be to get some clarification about this and will update just as soon as I get an answer. Meanwhile, what has been YOUR experience?
I sure could use your help and input.

From the California Courts…

From Jan. 1, 2012—June 30, 2012, drivers who have unpaid traffic tickets might be able to catch a break with the state amnesty program. Certain unpaid traffic tickets are eligible for a 50% discount — if you clear the debt during this 6 month amnesty period.

Keep in mind “might” is the key word.


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  • jose

    i have a bunch of tickets from different court houses . 6,000 worth to be exact , can someone please help me with any info that can help . thanks ! – skaterhater09@gmail.com