Worthy of Throwback Thursday. Not only do I love Diana’s segment, the whole show is for anyone who surfs,loves the ocean, or hates it.

“The Ocean is my home…”



Diana is part Greek on her dad’s side and her last name Nyad translated means water nymph. Diana refers to herself as, “The nyad of the sea.”

Working at KCRW has given me the opportunity to meet the most fascinating people.
Diana’s first attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida ended unsuccessfully. She was just 28 years old when she stopped swimming. It took her another 30 years to decide to get back in the water.

It was pouring down rain that day in Santa Monica when Diana met with me to record a commentary for KCRW. When I took this picture she was 59 years old, and had just begun swimming again.
She was so adorable in her rain outfit, well what could I do?
I had to take her picture.

The most compelling interview that I have ever heard with Diana, was on KCRW. Believe you me, I am not saying this because I work here, I say it because I can’t forget it. Hearing the audio interview – only sound, no photos no visuals (one of the reasons I LOVE RADIO, listening) of any kind – is incredibly powerful. Listening to Diana swim stroke by stroke while she sings songs is not only haunting it is unforgettable. Also, Diana can count to 5,000 and not lose her place when she swims.

UnFictional - KCRW’s Independent Producer Project is produced and hosted by veteran radio producer Bob Carlson. Captivating real life stories are told by writers and performers. Such talent telling tales they stick in your head and become memories, and I can testify this is exactly one that does just that.

This episode of Unfictional is titled The Womb.

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