I’m working on a story for NPR, and I need your input.

Have you noticed while driving on the surface streets of Los Angeles if you arrive any faster to your destination?

You may or may not know that LA synchronized every one of its 4,500 traffic signals. Adios you bummer to bummer traffic. The last group of traffic lights were synchronized at the end of February.

The Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control system coordinates traffic not only for vehicles, but also for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit. Transportation engineers monitor traffic remotely. Adjustments to signal timing and analyzing traffic data to improve traffic flow is part of the plan.
The signals can also be programmed to respond to unusual traffic scenarios involving crowd-heavy events at major sports and convention venues like the Coliseum, Dodger Stadium and Staples Center – all this across 469 square miles.

The city’s Transportation Department says the average speed of traffic across the city is 16 percent faster under the system, with delays at major intersections down 12 percent.

“I am proud that we are the first big city in the world to synchronize all of our traffic signals,”Mr. Villaraigosa said in an e-mail. “By synchronizing our traffic signals, we spend less time waiting, less time polluting.”

Without synchronization, it takes an average of 20 minutes to drive five miles on Los Angeles streets; with synchronization, it has fallen to 17.2 minutes, the city says. And the average speed on the city’s streets is now 17.3 miles per hour, up from 15 m.p.h. without synchronized lights, reports Ian Lovett from The New York Times.

I want to know Angelenos, it’s a lot of dough…over $400 million. To be clear, that has been spent over the last 30 years – since we hosted the Olympics.
If we can believe the numbers, your windshield time has fallen from 20 minutes to 17.2 minutes to drive five miles on the streets of LA.
Keep in mind time is money, right?

So I ask, have you noticed any difference? My deadline is early Friday morning. HELP! Your opinion is crucial.

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