On the look out for a BLACK BMW. May be a CONVERTIBLE -No License Plate. Please my friends, re- post. Let’s find the driver that struck, and w/out stopping – left this girl lying on the street. She was crossing the street after leaving LACMA Saturday night. SPREAD THE WORD! Find the creep that hurt Marie so badly that she will be hospitalized for many months to come….


FRIENDS! PLEASE READ & SHARE! **Especially those in Los Angeles and Miracle Mile area.** This past weekend on late Saturday night March 24 (Sunday morning) my dear friend Marie was hit by a black BMW convertible with no license plate (possibly stolen) as she was crossing the street after leaving an art exhibit at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art(Fairfax and Wilshire). The driver did not stop. If anyone was there or knows of anyone there who saw anything please, please contact the police (or share this post–sometimes things have a way of getting to the right person). She was very badly injured and will be in the hospital for many months. Thankfully she was able to give phone numbers to the ER staff and was writing information prior to her surgeries (which took just about 10 hours) so we know her mental faculties have not been damaged. Still, she has a LONG recovery ahead of her so please say a prayer, send good vibes and think positive thoughts… Let’s hope together that efforts from friends, friends of friends and strangers will help catch the person that did this! CONTACT THE POLICE if you know anything! Also feel free to contact me for any reason: (323)547-3482 / alyssa@panioloproductions.com***Update from Shark Toof: “I have new information from the police about the car involved in the hit and run. SO we are looking for black BMW convertible. No license plate maybe stolen. Please keep your eyes peeled for craigslist or potential auto body shops involvement.” — Call the police if you have any leads!***
...Alyssa Archambault


The intersection was Wilshire Boulevard and Spaulding Avenue. It was shortly before 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. There were two men in the black BMW. The driver did not stop.
Know anyone with a black beamer and a missing exterior mirror?
It is being reported one was found at the scene of the crime.
Marie Hardwick is 24 years old. She is an artist from East Los Angeles, and had just finished watching a video art film at LACMA.
I’m happy to see more media getting on board. Kevin Roderick’s LA Observed last night covered the story, and Suzie Suh, a reporter from CBS interviewed Marie’s father tonight. That said, Marie is one of many victims of hit and run accidents. I learned yesterday as many as 3 cyclists/pedestrians are victims of a hit and run – a day in LA. More on this to follow.

According to LAPD statistics, a driver flees the scene in a staggering one out of every three reported collisions in this megalopolis we call home.

Last year alone, the city saw 18,819 hit-and-run collisions. That includes 36 cases where someone — another motorist, a cyclist* or pedestrian — was left to die in the street. Along with another 134 people severely injured and 852 with less serious injuries….*LAPD stats show four cyclists killed in hit-and-run collisions in 2011, while my records show three out of the city’s five cycling fatalities were hit-and-run….from Biking in LA.