Drive less. Smile more.

The Dodgers encourage ride sharing by offering free parking.


Is that a big flag or are you just happy to see me?

Free Parking in general parking for the remainder of the National League playoffs for cars with four or more fans. In a press release yesterday, Senior Vice-President of External Affairs Renata Simril said:

We know we had a parking issue during our recent National League Division Series win against Atlanta.We parked more than 20,000 cars and several hundred fans were unable to park at Dodger Stadium last Monday night. We reached our capacity and some fans without parking passes were directed off-site. We were very sorry about inconveniencing these fans and felt we needed to do something to address this problem.

With last night’s win for the Cardinals, you won’t being trying out the free parking just yet, the Dodgers will be in St. Louis Friday for Game 1 of the seven-game series.

Photo of Dodger Stadium before Game 3 of the 2013 NLDS from LAist and Jimmy Bramlett

It’s Friday night and the game has begun!
You will be able to try out the car pooling free parking on Monday!