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Hitchhiking in Los Angeles

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Being the on-the-cusp-hippie that I am…and a proud card carrying member I might add, I think this little experiment about hitchhiking in Los Angeles is fascinating.

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Over 500 children die every day due to automobile collisions

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Photo Credit: Alex Tremulis’ photos from  the 1956 Motorama concept cars.

Let’s make a New Year resolution to do better.
A resolution that we must make for life so that others can also have a life.
Staggering numbers for our planet, losing 500 children everyday needlessly. Those 500 hundred children are the fatalities. There are countless numbers of children that survive but are left sufferring from physical and emotional trauma, more often than not, with life-altering injuries for them, their families and even affecting their communities.

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Meet Porter – The first Driving Dog

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Are you thinking about getting a dog? Yes? From where? I love dogs. They make life better. How about adopting from the pound? Some people make the assumption that something will be wrong with a dog from an animal shelter. Afraid that the dogs are either too old and sick or that they can’t be trained and thinking that is probably why Fido was …

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Who says there is too much traffic in LA?

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Filmmaker Russell Houghton gives the drivers of LA empty streets and freeways. For most of us that is only dream rather than the daily nightmare that we are forced to endure 24/7. This fantasy can only compare to finding pots of gold at the end of rainbows and where galloping off on your unicorn means never having to say, “Sorry I’m late, the traffic was horrible!”

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What a pilot sees flying into LAX

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from the archives…

I LOVE this video!!! I always wondered what it would be like to be an airplane pilot.
This video gives me a peek of what that might look like.I have looked into taking flying lessons. I adore skydiving.Then I thought it would be cool to get a helicopter license. Um…$$$$$$
I still might do it someday (when pigs fly). How fun would it be …

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My Favorite Video This Week!

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Back by popular demand, and perhaps to be a holiday tradition, this video is so beautiful and  not to be missed. Enjoy this re-post my friends and Happy Holidays!
I LOVE this. I love taking pictures almost as much as I love being a broadcaster, almost. This was created with 4000 still images. It is quite amazing. I found this video through LAist.

Just in time …

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Live Streaming Video of Demonstrations DTLA, Road Closures, Bus Detours, Maps and More for May Day Marches, Protests, and Rallies

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Public demonstrations, marches and rallies planned for May 1, 2012 in Los Angeles.
LAX workers – Over 1,000 union members will rally inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal and then march east on to Century Blvd to Avion St. Streets will be closed.
The closure will last between Noon and 4pm. Travellers should add an extra hour of drive time to arrive at the airport …

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My pick for this weeks favorite video…good times here.

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This video comes from the great folks at LAist. So much great LA info comes my way from these peeps. You may want to make them apart of your daily read, I do. If you want to keep up with LA, from politics to fun and everything in between, LAist won’t disappoint.

Ohhh Jack Black, you’ll always be at the top of my list! This …

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Need Inspiration? My Favorite Video This Week.

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As February comes to a close, I assess my first several weeks of 2012.
Have I kept my New Year’s resolutions?
Am I on track for making this my “best year ever”?
Like so many things the answer is both yes and no. Not like when I was in my teens and 20s, the older I get the more I come to understand life isn’t black and …

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My Favorite Video This Week

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image from owning pink

I’ve always been a huge fan of Van, and now with this video as a backdrop to one of my favorite Morrison songs, how could I resist this as a Shortcuts’ pick?!!
…and a thank you to @nuisance_beaver for tweeting the video!
image from owning pink