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You can Now take Your Dog to Restaurants

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Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that will make it easier to dine with your dog at restaurants.

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Take off your pants. It’s the annual No Pants Subway Ride Day 2014

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If you are a regular reader of Shortcuts then you know my favorite holiday – it’s No Pants Subway Ride.
It’s time for fun, at least for us in LA, fun in the sun. I can’t imagine doing this and being half nakey the on the east coast where Improve Everywhere 13 years ago started the now global No Pants Subway Ride.

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City Walk – exploring the best walkable communities in Southern California.

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Irvine Twilight

I love KCET. The most recent reason my love grows for this explosion of creative programming is the series City Walk .
I am addicted to discovery, and regardless of how you watch it, be it television or online it is a must see. Whether traveling in the USA or looking for something in your own back yard, welcome to City Walk.

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Jerry Brown says no to helping LA drivers! Boo!!

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angry faces 3

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill (Bill 405, the irony of that name does not escape me), that would have allowed lone motorists to use carpool lanes

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How did she do it? Diana Nyad’s extreme dream.

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Worthy of Throwback Thursday. Not only do I love Diana’s segment, the whole show is for anyone who surfs,loves the ocean, or hates it.
“The Ocean is my home…”

Diana is part Greek on her dad’s side and her last name Nyad translated means water nymph. Diana refers to herself as, “The nyad of the sea.”
Working at KCRW has given me the opportunity to meet the …

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Oh Ship…My favorite video this week…

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Ship My Pants, if you haven’t seen it…

There’s a reason this video is going viral…it’s hilarious!

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All lanes of Hollywood Blvd. closed TOMORROW SATURDAY 4/6/13

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All lanes of Hollywood Blvd, east of LaBrea Ave, will be closed for the Hollywood Half Marathon the morning of 4/6/13, reopening by 11am.

Hollywood Half Marathon
When:Saturday, April 6, 2013 1:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Details: All lanes of Hollywood Blvd., between LaBrea Ave. and Hillhurst Ave., will be closed.
Intersections will open as the race allows.
The race route will be marked as “No Parking – Tow …

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How Do Those Metro ExpressLanes Work Anyway? How Does it Make Traffic any Better?

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This is how Metro explains it…

Headline photo from the blog Playing with Politics

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What is it about Radio? I Love it. I am Los Angeles and so are you.

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Photo By Joris Debeij

 I am Los Angeles – the people that make Los Angeles the city of angels.
I was surprised and honored when film maker Joris Debeij called. Debeij asked if I would be interested in being profiled as apart of his on going project I am Los Angels. With a love for LA and what makes a city a city, he told me that he was …

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Need a Little Excitement in Your life? Take Your Pants Off.

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Comfort is your Enemy… Albert Einstein
Are you feeling bored with your life? Perhaps you do the same thing every day and your life is on automatic pilot.
Need to jump start your personal growth? One of the best ways to accomplish that is to push beyond your comfort zone.
Here is one heck of a way to do that
Sunday (1/13/13) is the annual No Pants Subway …