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Flyover ramp at LAX closed tonight. No traffic will be allowed northbound to the upper or lower levels of the Central Terminal Area.

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ramp closed)

The flyover off-ramp exiting the Sepulveda Tunnel will be closed until 4 AM.
No traffic will be allowed northbound to the upper or lower levels of the Central Terminal Area. Traffic will be rerouted to North Sepulveda, East on West 96th Street to the Skyway.

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What’s the top 10 on your bucket list?

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What’s on Your Bucket List? Road Trip Across America Ranks #4 on BUCKiTDREAM’s Top 10. My bucket list reads more like an open faucet that never stops running, adventures pouring onto my paper that excite my soul.

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At a Glance – How to Handle a Flight Cancellation

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Winter Weather

1,800 flights stopped as blizzard aims for East Coast.
Air travelers can expect delays and cancellations at Newark, Kennedy and La Guardia airports and rail service on Metro-North, the LIRR and PATH trains will likely be disrupted as well.
U.S. airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights nationwide on Thursday in advance of the storm. Many were on regional airlines that handle shorter flights for the major carriers.

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UPDATE! July 4th 2013 Holiday Dui Checkpoints

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July 4th  2013 Holiday Dui Checkpoints

MADD, The Center for Disease Control, law enforcement  and others all support well publicized DUI checkpoints as a deterrent for drivers that want to drink. Plan ahead, get your designated driver.
As a victim of a drunk driver, it is my wish that by posting this you will choose to not drink and drive.
LAPD has released DUI Checkpoints planned for …

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Link List for All Things Commuting with Maps and Stats, Road Closures, Street Filming Notification and Public Transportation

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Information about traffic, transit and transportation
As much as I would love to, I can’t always be there for you when you are traveling in Southern California.
Not to worry, I won’t leave you high and dry; here is your handy dandy link list for All Things Commuting.
Be it by train, bus, or driving in a car,
from road closures to real time freeway maps including special …

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LAX – Holiday Travelers, and a Union Protest? Yikes LAX Alternates for a Thanksgiving Mess.

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Thanksgiving Travelers? 3 million
The Auto Club of Southern California expects more than 3 million travelers for this Thanksgiving holiday.
Almost 350,000 of them are expected to go by plane. If that includes you, beware…
LAX will be even crazier than one would expect, and that is saying a lot.
It’s already considered one of,
if not the busiest day(s) for the LA airport.
Hundreds of union workers plan to march on Thanksgiving Eve to protest a company they say terminated union contracts and rescinded all health insurance.

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Fog

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Unless you are shooting a remake of Casablanca, fog not only sucks, it is also very dangerous.
When you are on the road and find yourself covered in one of nature’s blankets, these tips can help.

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How to Handle a Flight Cancellation, and Storm Watch Apps.

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Photo is photoshopped

From Fare Compare

Contact Your Airline First
 Number one tip: Whether it’s an airport delay or flight cancellation, contact your airline – immediately.
Here’s why: Airlines have fewer seats on fewer flights these days, so only a lucky few will be able to grab the next available seats on a flight. Being first in line to snag a seat is key.
If Your Flight is Canceled:

Multi-task communications: …