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How to handle Los Angeles traffic.

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mustang guy

Does traffic stress you out? Some use the time to relax.

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Call me speedy. Look what came in the mail.

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It’s here! It’s here!!! OMG I am so excited! I can now drive in car pool lanes.
HB and I started car pooling regularly about three years ago. Not easy to coordinate, his schedule is very different than mine. He works typical business hours and then some, where I work from 2:45 to 8:15  p.m. A big change last year made it easier. Husband Bob …

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Distracted Driving Near-Collisions Double on Sunny Days

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There are nearly double the number of near-collisions when the weather conditions are clear than when it’s stormy

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Ice Cube blimps it for all the right reasons.

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An aerial view of downtown Los Angeles from the Goodyear Blimp, shot with a fisheye lens. May 27, 2010

What does Ice Cube and the Goodyear Blimp have in common? A song? A cause? Great marketing?

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MAPS! I Love this. Understand LA freeways the easy way.

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LA freeways are now easy to understand
I just love maps, hey maybe that’s why I became a traffic reporter!
I really like what Stonebrown Design did with these maps.  It Sure makes LA freeways much easier to understand!
This is super
Stonebrown Design is the work of Peter Dunn.  Oh, and you can order prints from his website. I think I see a new framed picture …

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Use a 3-D printer and make a classic Aston Martin…that runs!

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Guitars, bicycles, even cars, but how about homes? I love that every question, every thought can be expanded with a click. Information at our finger tips. I googled and binged myself around the internet and quickly learned it is true, we are only limited by our imagination.
Based on a template materials made from durable plastics and metals are fused layer upon layer. The templates …

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In Chicago people park a little different…

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In my home town Chicago –  be careful when there is a sale.
A car crashed into a clothing store on the Southwest side this afternoon—and amazingly, no one was hurt.The gold Toyota Solara went through the wall of “Catherine’s” near 96th and Western shortly after noon. No customers in the store were injured. No word on what caused the car to hit the building …

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Last Year a Phenom,This Year’s Carmaeddon 2 = Traffic…by Choice

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Some Carmageddon ll Thoughts and Tweets I saw Today

In downtown LA and many other places, not as quiet as last year. Last year was glorious. I wish it could turn into a yearly event. It seems for this day, people are pretty much staying away from the 405 on the West Side. Not so much on many of the our surface streets and other …

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Not so smart car!

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Parking comes at a premium at Santa Monica College, home to KCRW. Some people will go to or take any lengths.
David Greene is an engineer extraordinaire here at KCRW. He snapped this picture yesterday afternoon… David referred to it as a “not so smart car”…
Now me? I call it a smart-ass car.
Parking ticket Karma