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Ice Cube blimps it for all the right reasons.

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An aerial view of downtown Los Angeles from the Goodyear Blimp, shot with a fisheye lens. May 27, 2010

What does Ice Cube and the Goodyear Blimp have in common? A song? A cause? Great marketing?

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What a pilot sees flying into LAX

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from the archives…

I LOVE this video!!! I always wondered what it would be like to be an airplane pilot.
This video gives me a peek of what that might look like.I have looked into taking flying lessons. I adore skydiving.Then I thought it would be cool to get a helicopter license. Um…$$$$$$
I still might do it someday (when pigs fly). How fun would it be …

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Better not shout, better not cry, just because Obamajam is coming to town….

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UPDATE 5:33 p.m.
UPDATE 5:22 p.m. 
President is running late. Not in LA yet….ETA 5:30p.m.

You have heard that President Barack Obama is making his rounds in Los Angeles today and tomorrow, right?
POTUS arriving at LAX around 4:30 attending events on the west side today, including the homes of basketball icon Magic Johnson and media proprietor Haim Saban. Then on Tuesday, Obama will be in …

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City Walk – exploring the best walkable communities in Southern California.

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Irvine Twilight

I love KCET. The most recent reason my love grows for this explosion of creative programming is the series City Walk .
I am addicted to discovery, and regardless of how you watch it, be it television or online it is a must see. Whether traveling in the USA or looking for something in your own back yard, welcome to City Walk.

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Jerry Brown says no to helping LA drivers! Boo!!

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angry faces 3

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill (Bill 405, the irony of that name does not escape me), that would have allowed lone motorists to use carpool lanes

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Interview with NPR’s Scott Simon on this morning’s Weekend Edition. Which lane are you in?

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National Public Radio 
host Scott Simon.
By Andy Danyo, NPR

The city of Los Angeles recently finished a massive project to synchronize all of its 4,500 traffic lights in the hopes of reducing congestion. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon checks in with Kajon Cermak, the traffic reporter for member station KCRW in Santa Monica to see how the plan is panning out. National Public Radio host Scott Simon. By Andy Danyo, NPR

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What is it about Radio? I Love it. I am Los Angeles and so are you.

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Photo By Joris Debeij

 I am Los Angeles – the people that make Los Angeles the city of angels.
I was surprised and honored when film maker Joris Debeij called. Debeij asked if I would be interested in being profiled as apart of his on going project I am Los Angels. With a love for LA and what makes a city a city, he told me that he was …

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My Favorite Video This Week!

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Back by popular demand, and perhaps to be a holiday tradition, this video is so beautiful and  not to be missed. Enjoy this re-post my friends and Happy Holidays!
I LOVE this. I love taking pictures almost as much as I love being a broadcaster, almost. This was created with 4000 still images. It is quite amazing. I found this video through LAist.

Just in time …

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My favorite video this week…and then some.

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So many great videos of LA. This one just might take the cake. No matter what language you speak, some things transcend words.
I sure did. Friggin’ gorgeous!

NightFall from Colin Rich on Vimeo.
Located next to the emblematic Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory has been a set in many movies including Rebel Without a Cause.
Photo from and read more: http://iipdigital.usembassy.gov/st/english/inbrief/2012/09/20120925136579.html#ixzz2F0EkbO7M

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LA Metro Art Adventure Hunt Saturday 11/10/12

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Still looking for something to do this weekend? How about a lot of beauty, plenty of fresh air, exploring LA, a competition and get a little culture to boot? Sounds pretty good doesn’t?
Grab your favorite veteran and tomorrow morning hunt for clues through Metro’s system and discover amazing art. It’s a race. It’s the LA Metro Art Adventure. Beginning at 10 a.m. and lasting about 3 hours. How about a Los Angeles art treasure hunt/race?