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No Driving for Kajon, I City Walk to KCET

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The KCET City Walk episode I was in, is now available online: http://www.kcet.org/shows/citywalk/
You’ll love this episode and no not simply because I’m in it! ;-)
There are a number of great segments that as an Angeleno, you will relate to. With so much to learn and do in this thriving metropolis, let City Walk inspire you to explore all the wonder that makes Los Angeles the city we call home.

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Detours and alternates for LAX for this weekend’s 57 hour closure “Century Crunch” .

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angry faces 3

It starts TODAY!
According to officials at LAX this weekend  (July 25 through 28) is expected to be one of the busiest of the summer travel season. LAX expects more than 200,000 passengers a day –  55,000 of them international – on more than 1,700 flights.
Nearly 20,000 airport-wide employees also are scheduled to work each weekend day.
While all four entrances into the LAX Central …

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At a Glance – How to Handle a Flight Cancellation

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Winter Weather

1,800 flights stopped as blizzard aims for East Coast.
Air travelers can expect delays and cancellations at Newark, Kennedy and La Guardia airports and rail service on Metro-North, the LIRR and PATH trains will likely be disrupted as well.
U.S. airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights nationwide on Thursday in advance of the storm. Many were on regional airlines that handle shorter flights for the major carriers.

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Better not shout, better not cry, just because Obamajam is coming to town….

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UPDATE 5:33 p.m.
UPDATE 5:22 p.m. 
President is running late. Not in LA yet….ETA 5:30p.m.

You have heard that President Barack Obama is making his rounds in Los Angeles today and tomorrow, right?
POTUS arriving at LAX around 4:30 attending events on the west side today, including the homes of basketball icon Magic Johnson and media proprietor Haim Saban. Then on Tuesday, Obama will be in …

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Soon solo drivers will be able to drive in car pool lanes, no hybrid required!

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Civic GX in HOV Lane

 Los Angeles catches up with the real world.

You are driving alone in your car.
You are driving SB 405  from the valley heading to LAX. Your mother is flying in. You said you would meet her at the gate.
You can get special TSA dispensation if you get there early enough. Her bad knees cause a lot of pain and mom needs a wheel chair.
Luckily …

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How did she do it? Diana Nyad’s extreme dream.

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Worthy of Throwback Thursday. Not only do I love Diana’s segment, the whole show is for anyone who surfs,loves the ocean, or hates it.
“The Ocean is my home…”

Diana is part Greek on her dad’s side and her last name Nyad translated means water nymph. Diana refers to herself as, “The nyad of the sea.”
Working at KCRW has given me the opportunity to meet the …

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Use a 3-D printer and make a classic Aston Martin…that runs!

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Guitars, bicycles, even cars, but how about homes? I love that every question, every thought can be expanded with a click. Information at our finger tips. I googled and binged myself around the internet and quickly learned it is true, we are only limited by our imagination.
Based on a template materials made from durable plastics and metals are fused layer upon layer. The templates …

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Detours, tips and tricks for the latest 405 rampture

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 The Rebuilt On-Ramp will have nearly a 300% Greater Capacity
The Eastbound Wilshire On-Ramp to Northbound I-405 is now closed.
Only 89 more days to go before it is reopened.
Phew! This is last extended ramp closure that will be required for the Wilshire Interchange, as well as the last of its kind for the entire freeway improvements project.
The extended duration closure is required for the contractor …

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President Obama Comes to Los Angeles to appear on Jay Leno

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On Tuesday August 6. 2013 and Wednesday August 7, 2013 President Obama will be in Southern California.

Here is what I heard thus far regarding President Obama’s visit to Southern California.
As usual, due to security issues we are not granted access to specific travel routes.
The President is scheduled to attend events on both the west side of LA and in the San Fernando Valley. Expect …