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Can you help find the driver of a fatal hit and run

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48-year-old  Ofelia Salazar was killed while pushing a shopping cart across the street.

Police are looking for the suspect involved in a hit-and-run. Ofelia Salazar, a 48-year-old mother of 3, was killed in North Hollywood early Saturday morning.

Authorities said the driver of a white Mercedes-Benz struck Salazar near the intersection of Lankershim Boulevard and Valerio Street at about 2:15 a.m.

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Get the Creeps off the streets. You can do something to stop LA’s hit and run epidemic.

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I’m not sure who is worse, the perpetrator or the witness that refuses to act like a good citizen. We know why the creep that did the crime isn’t turning himself in…he/she doesn’t want to get in trouble. But why won’t witnesses step forward? Does this mean they are a cowards, or perhaps they think their time/life is more valuable than another? Is it the inconvenience? Afraid? Don’t have the time? Don’t like getting involved? Is it because they think it’s none of their business? Oh contraire mon frère/cheri. This is not just a cyclists issue. It’s not just a pedestrian issue.It’s not just a car-on-car issue.
This is a people issue and affects all of us. Pull together peeps, let’s do this!

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You could be involved in a staged collision – swoop and squat

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A scam generating millions of dollars is on the rise in California.
Angelinos are at the highest risk of becoming victims of the fraud as 43% of all the staged collisions in our great state happen in Los Angeles County.
Known as “swoop-and-squat” the fraud involves two drivers boxing in an unsuspecting motorist. The lead vehicle brakes suddenly forcing a collision.

Used to defraud auto insurance …

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Los Angeles Leads the Nation in Hit and Runs

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LA leads the nation in cases of drivers fleeing the scene of crashes.
The LAPD records 20,000 of them each year.

Avishay Artsy
The Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee
is meeting this morning, 1/25/13.
Their agenda includes an LAPD report on what the department is doing to curtail hit-and-runs. A motion filed by City Council members Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander earlier this month requested an update from the department …

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LA’s Epidemic of Cyclist and Pedestrian Hit-And-Runs

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It all started a couple of weeks ago when my friend Alyssa contacted me about a friend of hers that was the victim of a hit and run. Marie was leaving LACMA after viewing a movie at the museum.

While walking across the street Marie was hit by a car. She was hurt pretty badly too. The driver took off and left her lying on the street. Alyssa wanted everyone she knew to spread the word. Trying to find the perpetrator or anyone that may have seen something – anything, and report it to LAPD.

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FIND the white LEXUS that Hit and Ran Downtown LA- Friday Night around 11:30 – Spring Street between 2nd and 3rd

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This is a re-post from Ted Rogers, author of the blog Biking in LA and cyclist…
The car is described as a recent model, white mid size Lexus, either two or four doors, with tinted windows. The driver is described as a well-dressed, olive-complected man around 6′ tall, with a well-dressed female passenger…, the incident started on Spring Street between 2nd and 3rd.
If you see a …