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Do not pick up your phone. It’s a month long crackdown!

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

UPDATE Monday 4/7/14
In a citywide crackdown on distracted driving, police in Glendale cited more than 50 motorists for allegedly talking on their cellphones or texting while driving on city streets.
Police said that 46 of the drivers were talking on their cellphones and an additional half a dozen were pulled over for texting while driving, said Glendale police spokeswoman Tahnee …

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Sepulveda Boulevard reconstruction requires a big pain in the…behind closures.

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Roadway Reconstruction Work on Sepulveda Boulevard Between
Montana Avenue and Church Lane Planned March 14 Through April 28

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California rules it is legal to look at a map on your cellphone while driving.

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I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project

The state’s 5th District Court of appeals has ruled that while driving it is legal to look at a map on your cellphone
(AP) — A California appeals court says it’s legal for drivers to read a map on their hand-held cellphones while behind the wheel.
Thursday’s ruling by the state’s 5th District Court of Appeal reverses the conviction of a Fresno man who was ticketed …

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Can new street signs help Angelenos navigate LA?

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Are you tired of trying to figure out the street signs in Los Angeles?
My job is traffic for god sake, and even I can’t figure this out!
Okay, so maybe it won’t help, but it will be a lot more fun.

Street artist Jay Shells  selected spe lyrics from rap songs that mention specific locations New York City, and created street signs.
From Gothamist , which …

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Digital Danger – Law Enforcement Targeting Distracted Drivers Texting or Using Hand-Held Cell Phones

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Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than those that don’t.
Reminding you that this April is a  Distracted Driver Crack down.
Distracted Driving ie Digital Danger! Digital Danger is what LB calls it and now I do too! Thanks LB.
“In recent years, hundreds of people have been killed in California, while thousands were injured, as the result of collisions that …

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5 Best Pack-a-Snack Snacks to Pack for Sitting in Traffic

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Sitting in bummer to bummer traffic always bites, let’s bite back!  A great way to avoid getting overly cranky and to keep your blood sugar levels from crashing – eat! This time of year we have  some of the best snacks to choose from. Take a couple of minutes to plan ahead and minimize your stress levels. Keep it easy. Keep it healthy. Keep on …

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Getting to Downtown LA from the Westside without a car

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View from inside Santa Monica Bike Center member section.

View from inside Santa Monica Bike Center member section.

-by Steve Herbert
Recently I had my turn at jury duty, reporting to LA Superior Court @ Temple and Spring Streets in downtown LA.   With gas prices ranging between $4.30 and $5.09 that week I wasn’t anxious to drive the 18 mpg household minivan relegated for my use when I’m not commuting by bike.   I considered riding …

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I Have a Great Idea. Links that Don’t Stink!

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Really, I do have a great idea!
(According to my husband and kids, this is a phrase I say quite frequently.
Oh, and for clarification – I DO have great ideas.)
In today’s connected 24/7 world we have so much information constantly bombarding, attacking if you will, our lives. It’s hard to keep track of it all. This is where I come in. With my insane twitter …

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Explored a hot button topic, the new LAPD impound policy

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Warren Olney on the new LAPD impound policy
If you don’t have a license who gets the car?
The city of Los Angeles impounds the cars of unlicensed drivers for up to 30 days – which costs an average of $2,000.00. Mayor Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck want to end that practice. But the police rank and file say that would endanger public safety. As we’ll hear it’s …

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Talk to me Kajon

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I love the people that listen to KCRW! Creative, talented and obviously very smart….
Meet Frank.*
If you don’t live in Los Angeles AND listen to KCRW, this song will likely mean nothing to you. But their traffic reporter has an unusual name that is just plain fun to say: Kajon Cermak (KAY-zhawn SER-mack). She comes on every day as I’m heading for the …