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Hit and Runners just took a hit!

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CBS got this shot. This makes me so happy!

Governor Jerry Brown finally signed a new bill into effect, which will create an alert system similar to amber alerts for hit and runs. We’ve been following this story for well over a year on Shortcuts
Now a vehicle’s make, model, color and license plate number would be displayed on digital highway signs. Governor Brown vetoed a similar bill last year, saying he was worried …

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Over 500 children die every day due to automobile collisions

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Photo Credit: Alex Tremulis’ photos from  the 1956 Motorama concept cars.

Let’s make a New Year resolution to do better.
A resolution that we must make for life so that others can also have a life.
Staggering numbers for our planet, losing 500 children everyday needlessly. Those 500 hundred children are the fatalities. There are countless numbers of children that survive but are left sufferring from physical and emotional trauma, more often than not, with life-altering injuries for them, their families and even affecting their communities.

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Is Waze your friend or foe?

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Waze photo by danielle_blue/ Flickr/Creative Commons

Yesterday I joined Which Way, LA? with Warren Olney (Ahhh, Warren Olney. His show falls under the “reasons I love public radio” umbrella). We were together to talk about Waze, the crowd-sourced traffic app.
A recent AP report focused on how the app is changing traffic in Los Angeles and talked to residents who are objecting to more cars in their neighborhood. From AP: 
When word spread that the explosively popular new smartphone …

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Is there a secret police file on you because of your license plate?

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Yes, apparently there could be and you don’t even get to see it. Don’t like. Eric Roy, one of our newsmen here at KCRW reported on this story last week.

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Distracted Driving Near-Collisions Double on Sunny Days

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There are nearly double the number of near-collisions when the weather conditions are clear than when it’s stormy

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Do not pick up your phone. It’s a month long crackdown!

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

UPDATE Monday 4/7/14
In a citywide crackdown on distracted driving, police in Glendale cited more than 50 motorists for allegedly talking on their cellphones or texting while driving on city streets.
Police said that 46 of the drivers were talking on their cellphones and an additional half a dozen were pulled over for texting while driving, said Glendale police spokeswoman Tahnee …

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This Weekend LA is Mega Event City Do Wah Diddy!

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Weekend Events a plenty, and a plenty of traffic.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
The Long Beach Grand Prix
Staples Center sporting events.

Perhaps public transportation is the way to get there.
Metro plans to add train capacity on several Metro Rail lines in anticipation of major Los Angeles area events scheduled the weekend of April 20-21, including Festival of Books, CicLAvia – To The Sea, Long Beach …

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Los Angeles Leads the Nation in Hit and Runs

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LA leads the nation in cases of drivers fleeing the scene of crashes.
The LAPD records 20,000 of them each year.

Avishay Artsy
The Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee
is meeting this morning, 1/25/13.
Their agenda includes an LAPD report on what the department is doing to curtail hit-and-runs. A motion filed by City Council members Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander earlier this month requested an update from the department …

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Legislation to allow hands-free driver texting signed into law – NOOOOOOOOOOO

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Shame on you Mr. Miller. Shame on you Governor Brown. Shame on you California lawmakers, where there was little opposition to passing this bill. So, apparently you can be bipartisan and you all can agree on something up in Sacramento. Only instead of using your power for good, you choose the antithesis for your constituents. Will you all take responsibility for the people that will be maimed or die in the collisions that happen when drivers talk-text hands-free?

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LA’s Epidemic of Cyclist and Pedestrian Hit-And-Runs

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It all started a couple of weeks ago when my friend Alyssa contacted me about a friend of hers that was the victim of a hit and run. Marie was leaving LACMA after viewing a movie at the museum.

While walking across the street Marie was hit by a car. She was hurt pretty badly too. The driver took off and left her lying on the street. Alyssa wanted everyone she knew to spread the word. Trying to find the perpetrator or anyone that may have seen something – anything, and report it to LAPD.