Next week watch for Bike It! Day in Santa Monica (Thanks to rain Bike It! Day is postponed to Oct, 13)

I got a call at the station last week from a mom (and KCRW subscriber, thank you so much!) about a really cool event taking place this Wednesday. Bike It! Day. Ultimately I spoke to Jenna Perelman, the daughter, a junior at Santa Monica High School and Co- President of Samohi Solar Alliance. I was so impressed with the passion and commitment that she and the others have for our planet. To think that they are the youth in our community! Not only is it very refreshing, it gives me hope for our future. What these kids are doing and how their project has grown in just three years is inspiring. Jenna informs us the number of students and teachers participating has skyrocketed from a little over 100 to 1,520 (just under 50% of the school).

“Getting a bunch of people together for one common cause – to clean up the world and get people into biking.”

On Wednesday 6 October Santa Monica will wake up to the first city-wide Bike It Day. In previous years each school had its own bike and walk to school day, – but because of the success and popular demand, the event is now conducted city wide, and other local institutions, employers, schools and colleges are encouraged to join in and leave the car at home.

About the Samohi Solar Alliance:
Founded in 2004, the Samohi Solar Alliance (SSA) is a student-run, grass-roots organization working to inspire environmental awareness, education, and tangible change at Santa Monica High School and in the greater community. SSA is an alliance of passionate students, faculty, alumni, parents, and community members collaborating to create a healthier planet through structural and behavioral change on a local level. Our initiatives are fueled by the power and engagement of youth.

Some statistics and facts about Bike It! Day:
Bike It! Day was started in 2007 by Lulu Mickelson, now a freshman at Barnard. Now in it’s third year, with about three events each school year, the number of students and teachers participating has skyrocketed from a little over 100 to 1,520 (just under 50% of the school) last year. In 2009, we worked with Lincoln and John Adams middle schools to implement Bike It! Days at their schools. The results were phenomenal with about 800 participants across the two schools.

This year’s first Bike It! Day has succeeded in reaching out past Samohi. The other schools participating are as follows: Muir/SMASH, Roosevelt, McKinley, Grant, Franklin, Will Rogers, JAMS, and Lincoln. We hope to solidify environmental awareness and change within these and other schools in the Santa Monica area.

Jenna I have one thing to say to you…You Go Girl! I’m proud of all you kids! You do your parents proud, and our planet thanks you! Good luck on Wednesday.

Please drivers…be extra careful this Wednesday 10/6/10, there will be a lot of extra love on our streets – let’s help keep them safe!  :)