With 10 million people in LA County, 789,000+ in Ventura County and over 3 million in Orange County, why is it that every single one of them is on my freeway at exactly the same time I am going exactly where I want to go? We’ve all experienced some of the same annoying, overly repeated traffic scenarios — driving into Hollywood, southbound on the 101 you can pretty much count on hitting a brick wall at Melrose; the 5 in Santa Fe Springs always seems to bottleneck at the 605; in Orange County the northbound 405 is a nightmare into the Westside and now, through the Valley to the 118; the southbound 405 from Hawthorne to Long Beach always crowded, and then from the 22 to the 73 just doesn’t make sense. And the eastbound 10 from the beach to downtown, don’t even get me started.

Actually, let’s get started!

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