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My favorite video this week…and then some.

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So many great videos of LA. This one just might take the cake. No matter what language you speak, some things transcend words.
I sure did. Friggin’ gorgeous!

NightFall from Colin Rich on Vimeo.
Located next to the emblematic Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory has been a set in many movies including Rebel Without a Cause.
Photo from and read more:

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LAX – Holiday Travelers, and a Union Protest? Yikes LAX Alternates for a Thanksgiving Mess.

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Thanksgiving Travelers? 3 million
The Auto Club of Southern California expects more than 3 million travelers for this Thanksgiving holiday.
Almost 350,000 of them are expected to go by plane. If that includes you, beware…
LAX will be even crazier than one would expect, and that is saying a lot.
It’s already considered one of,
if not the busiest day(s) for the LA airport.
Hundreds of union workers plan to march on Thanksgiving Eve to protest a company they say terminated union contracts and rescinded all health insurance.

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How are those new ExpressLanes on the 110 Harbor Freeway?

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My friend and colleague, Jason Groman regularly drives the Harbor Freeway.
So with this being the first week with the new transponders, I had to ask…
“Jason, how was it?”
I wondered, are the lanes flowing or are they bummer to bummer like all the other lanes?
For clarification, this was yesterday 11/14/12, and the freeways were particularly bad.
Peeps, I’m talking pack-a-snack speeds (10mph and under) bad.
With red …

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DMV Answer Man

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Questions for the Department of Motor Vehicles?
The DMV is going for a lighter way to share information…
the DMV Answer Man!
Their first video addresses the question, how to get a California Drivers license if you are a new resident in the Golden State.

The plan is to come out with a new video every month. The DMV Answer Man is pretty perky…I’ve been accused of …

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Metro ExpressLanes – how to use them, how to get a transponder and more.

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Solo drivers can now bypass traffic on a stretch of the Harbor (110) Freeway by paying to use 11 miles of carpool lanes. The so-called High Occupancy Toll lanes will be L.A. County’s first attempt at congestion pricing. KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis spoke to Michael Cabanatuan, transportation writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, about how congestion pricing has worked in that city, and to Martin Wachs of The RAND Corporation.

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LA Metro Art Adventure Hunt Saturday 11/10/12

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Still looking for something to do this weekend? How about a lot of beauty, plenty of fresh air, exploring LA, a competition and get a little culture to boot? Sounds pretty good doesn’t?
Grab your favorite veteran and tomorrow morning hunt for clues through Metro’s system and discover amazing art. It’s a race. It’s the LA Metro Art Adventure. Beginning at 10 a.m. and lasting about 3 hours. How about a Los Angeles art treasure hunt/race?

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Fog

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Unless you are shooting a remake of Casablanca, fog not only sucks, it is also very dangerous.
When you are on the road and find yourself covered in one of nature’s blankets, these tips can help.

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Friday Night and Early Saturday Morning Closures for the 405

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Tonight and early morning Closures for the 405
Wilshire Ramp Demolition from Metro

Rolling closures for roadway sweeping from US 101 to I-10 tonight, 9pm to 4am.
Connector from northbound I-405 to eastbound I-10 closed tonight, 11pm to 7am.
Northbound off-ramp to westbound Wilshire closed tonight, 9pm to 10am.

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Halloween Night DUI Checkpoints and Get a Ride 2012!

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Cabulous – “Give us a second & we’ll send a taxi to you.”
Taxi Magic – “Booking and managing rides is quick and easy, saving you time and hassle”
Uber – “Request from Anywhere at any time. Tell us where you want to be picked up.”
Don’t want to leave your car, but still need a ride?
Road Angels – “Have a Blast not a Bust! Road Angeles social media portal is for #LA area people who like to party AND get home safe. Membership is FREE and has lot’s of cool perks.”