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Musician Ken Elkinson for $4.05, offers a 6 CD Box Set of Ambient Music Entitled, “Music For Commuting.”

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I’ve taken a couple of days off, my best buds are visiting from the Midwest for our 13th summer annual…. still I had to check in to share this very cool thing.
Ken Elkinson, a musician based here in Los Angeles, recently released a 6-CD box set of ambient music entitled Music For Commuting.  It is music he composed specifically to help calm angry drivers, …

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KCRW listener drives the 405

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KCRW listener Alex Rose grew up just in Los Angeles just two miles West of the Mulholland Bridge. In fact, much of his childhood was spent on the 405, sitting in traffic while driving over the Sepulveda Pass. That many of his childhood memories are of the 405, this shaped an excitement and enthusiasm for what the 405 closure would …

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Photo from the LA Times
Mayor declares, “Mission Accomplished”, and LA has saved hundred of thousands of dollars due to the early opening of the I-405
16 hours ahead of schedule, the 405 will reopen at 11:30AM! The Northbound and Southbound 405 will open first, followed by on-ramps. The 10 and 101 connector ramps will open last.
11:02 am

Mayor Villaraigosa press conference is underway. He commends …

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OMG! What am I Going to do About the 405? It is CLOSED! How do I Survive Carmageddon?

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Photo from vannuysnewspress.com
Can you imagine this freeway with NO CARS!!
My colleague and friend Eric Roy, news man and part-time traffic reporter is looking forward to being able to say, “The 405 is wide open, not a car in sight!” Vicki Cox chimed in, and said she’s going to steal it and use it while she’s reporting traffic this weekend.
Everybody is talking about how bad …

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Mulholland Bridge demolition work will be a meticulous, painstaking process, not a Vegas-style implosion

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I just got this from Metro…here is the timing on the demolition. It’s pretty interesting how they tackle a project like this. I thought you all might be interested…

Completed Mulholland Bridge, South View
Contractors for the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project are planning a precise, carefully orchestrated ballet of workers and machinery to demolish half of the Mulholland Bridge …

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2 Mile Challenge – Where is Steve Herbert Riding these Days?

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Did you know in the US 40% of trips are 2 miles or less, with 90% of
them made by car?*
Did you know that it costs $5170 per year to operate a car, but $120
per yer to maintain a bike on average?*
Did you know that driving a car releases 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon
of gas driven?*
Did you know the folks at …

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Carmageddon can be HILLLARRIOUS!!!! No Really

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I saw this video on Kevin Roderick’s LA Observed and it is Hiilllaaarrrious! I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard withOUT having cocktails. Here is the description from the creators…
Hitler finds out that the 405 freeway in Los Angeles will be closed for 2 days in July, and he is not happy about it.
I know, I know… I see the …

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Update!! 10:12 7/4 hard to find. DUI Checkpoints for the JULY 4th Weekend 2011

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// Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)
Countdown to Car – mageddon Weekend Closure
Friday night 7/16 through 5:00am Monday Morning
Mondy 7/4
Happy 4th kids! I’m not finding much tonight. I’m looking like no body’s bussiness.
You know you shouldn’t drink buzzed or drunk. The drunker you are, the more you think you …

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How do I get to LAX During the 405 Weekend Closure, Alias CARMAGEDDON!

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For Carmageddon 2, 2012 click HERE!
Photo from LAX Airport Address
HELP!!!! I need to go to LAX on “THAT WEEKEND”…that evil, end of the world I405 –52 or is it 53 hour closure! Here is what LAX Operational Planning has to say…A LOT! This has everything you need to know, and more. Very Comprehensive.
Travel Advisory:  Significant Traffic Congestion and Delays Expected With I-405 Freeway Closure …