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New Bike Racks in Santa Monica, Looks Good but is it Secure?

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My bike (Gary’s) parked outside Swingers Diner with one of the new bike racks. Credit Gary Kavanagh
Gary Kavanagh, well known in the cycling world here in So Cal, wrote a great piece about protecting your bike from being stolen. Santa Monica has been installing new bike racks and Gary has some tips.
It was only a couple months ago that I was lamenting the lack …

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UPDATE 11:28 pm! DUI Checkpoints for Tonight Friday 6/24

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.Photo from Girls First Car
UPDATE 11:28 pm!
There’s a DUI checkpoint in Oceanside on Coast Hwy near Vista Way.
.UPDATE!!! 11:15 PM
Thanks Total Traffic… !!! A great resource for traffic information in LA!

Getting reports that the Downtown LA DUI checkpoint on Figueroa between 8th and 9th is causing quite a bit of traffic.

Driving home tonight, I was surprised to go through a DUI checkpoint on
Malibu Cyn Rd. …

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When the Traffic Sucks, What Information Helps You the Most?

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Photo from All World Cars
When the traffic is bad, I’m talking really bad, on the hassle factor let’s say an 8 or a 9.  On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, as in “Id rather drink bleach and poke my eyes with needles than be sitting here, not moving, going no where on this freeway” bad.
When the traffic is horrible, …

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Host A Farmer and Create your own FARMERS MARKET When The 405 is Shutdown for the Weekend in July!

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On July 15 – 18, 2011, the 405 freeway between the 101 and the 10 will be CLOSED!  But, the Santa Monica Farmers Markets will be open and farmers need a place to stay.  If you’d like to host  a farmer, or you have some “in” at a hotel, please talk to the farmer directly when you see them at the market.  Farmers …

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Letter to the 405 Freeway …by LB

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Photo from buy local market
Sometimes, when you are lucky – you stumble along and find brilliance.  I’m always
looking around for photos, stories, public transportation info, freeway updates – traffic stuff.  Things to share that we all can relate to. Things that as drivers, commuters, cyclists, walkers, travelers…we movers, we need to know (yeah those boring 405 closure lists). Most importantly, I want to share …

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What’s the Deal With Rodeo Drive?

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I came across a pretty cool story today. Booth Moore, Fashion Critic for the Los Angeles Times  gives us some backround and insight about one of the most famous streets in the world…RODEO DRIVE. Thanks Mr. Moore, very cool.

He’s been called the godfather of Rodeo Drive. And it’s not all hyperbole. Before Beverly Hills was the land of designer logos, before it …

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Traffic and Health = Bad News

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When my middle baby was still a baby – not yet one – we moved from the beach in Oxnard to a great house in Agoura. In Oxnard, we were so close to the ocean I could spit in it from our roof-top sun deck. I used to roller-skate with Sebrin in a baby-jogger along the ocean. Breathing in the ocean air, with both …

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Keeping up with all the Information a Cyclist Needs and Wants to Know…

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Many of you may already know about The California Bicycle Coalition. But if you don’t, it is a heck of a resource for the bicycle enthusiast. A website chalk full of valuable information, and a newsletter keeping you current with not only all the fun stuff about riding a bike, it also includes the politics. Covering  topics such as…

Senate approves 3-foot passing bill

California …

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Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition to Host 11th Annual L.A. River Ride June 5 “One Tree Hill” star, Austin Nichols to Grand Marshal.

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May 10, 2011
J.J. Hoffman
L.A. River Ride Coordinator
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Save the Date
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition to Host 11th Annual L.A. River Ride June 5
“One Tree Hill” star, Austin Nichols to Grand Marshal.

Known around the tweeting world as #twowheeltuesday, televison star Austin Nichols will Grand Marshal the 11th Annual Los Angeles River Ride, one of L.A. …

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Northbound 405 FULLY CLOSED tonight. This and all tonight’s 405 closures!

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Thursday, June 2 to Saturday, June 4 from 12 p.m. to 5:00a.m.

The northbound 405 will be fully closed from Getty Center Dr. to Ventura Blvd
(lane closures starting at 10 p.m.)

Photo from LA Times
Traffic control officers at the corner of Culver and Washington from 10pm to 11pm for crane mobilization.
Thu, Jun 02, 01:59 PM PDT
Full closure of Skirball from Mulholland to Sepulveda tonight, 10pm to …