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Over 15 DUI Checkpoints this Weekend In LA and the Surrounding Areas

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Over 15 DUI Checkpoints this Weekend In LA and the Surrounding Areas

Photo from CBS

City of Los Angeles – Los Angeles Police will run FIVE DUI Checkpoints tonight!!!
South LA – Florence and Wadsworth (between Avalon and Central), 7pm-2am
South LA – Manchester at Figueroa, 7p-midnight
Hollywood – Highland and De Longpre (between Fountain and Sunset) 7:30pm-2:30am
Reseda – Reseda and Gault (south of Sherman Way) 8pm-3am
Los Feliz – …

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a City Scorned…

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Jon Jackson is over LA.

By KCRW’s Social Media Host, Betsy Moyer
If you’ve been seeing a few extraordinary billboards on your cross town commute lately, let us explain what’s up!!! Jon Jackson is calling it quits………. with Los Angeles. That’s right, he is breaking up with LA and moving in with New York, and the Dear John letter is being delivered in a 3000 point font size!
Luckily, we got …

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What is the Expo Line Los Angeles

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The Expo Light Rail
Recently people have been asking me the difference between the Subway to the Sea and the Expo Line. Though they are both going to be traveling from downtown to the west side they are in fact two different projects.
First we’ll discuss the Expo Line also known as the Light Rail.
The Exposition Light Rail Transit Line (Expo Line) will travel along the …

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KCRW’s DJ Mario Cotto Falls in Love on the Freewayway

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Falling in Love on the Freeway…or the intersection.
So Many things happen and can happen while driving, and not all of it is bad.
Meet my friend Mario Cotto, a major talent which includes being and DJ. A former middle school teacher and improviser, Mario moved to LA to pursue a career in sketch comedy. Moved by the music and luckily for us, his focus has …