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Harassing, Assaulting, or Threatening a Bicyclist Closer to Becoming a Civil Violation

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Bicyclists in the City of Los Angeles…Wednesday 11/10 was a good day

As a follow on to Tuesday’s post, I’m sure many of you read and/or heard that the Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopted the recommendation from the Transportation and Public Safety Committees to direct the City Attorney to prepare a City ordinance making it a civil violation of the LAMC for …

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Harassment or Assault to a Bicyclist a Civil Violation

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A Los Angeles City Ordinance If Approved, will make it Easier for Bicyclists to Seek Redress for Harassment

There is so much going on at LA City Hall, especially when it comes to transportation.
Meet Bob Muellner, our LA City Hall guy.
Bob will be helping us with transportation issues when it involves city hall.

Bicyclists in the City of Los Angeles…Wednesday (tomorrow) could be the …

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Transportation in Los Angeles -YIKES!

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There is so much going on in City Hall when it comes our transportation. Whether we are talking about:

Measure R
In November 2008, Measure R was approved by a two-thirds majority, committing a projected $40 billion to traffic relief and transportation upgrades throughout the county over the next 30 years.
Measure R will help fund dozens of  transit and highway projects, create  210,000 new construction jobs …

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DUI Checkpoint in the Valley Tonight 11/5/10

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DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint, 11/5/10, 8pm-2pm, Roscoe Blvd between Woodley Ave Haskell Ave, Van Nuys