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Parking Meter Activism

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I just love Zach Behrens. He is editor and writer for Whenever I go to his site I learn something. Always interesting, I marvel at how he does it. I stumbled on this today, under the heading Photo of the day Parking Meter Activism.
Stop Feeding Your Government, What Have They Done to Feed You?” reads the sign that shows a fist inside the …

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China Traffic Jam

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Here are some links to the Massive Traffic Jam in China
Hmmmm. The 405 doesn’t look so bad anymore! A 60 mile traffic jam!!! WTH?
Day 10, and drivers could be stuck for 4 weeks? WTF!

Click on the photos for the story, and here is one more link for those of you who want MORE TRAFFIC! YIKES…ooops, sorry I’m shouting.
It’s being reported that food vendors …

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KCRW’s Aaron Byrd’s Traffic Pet Peeve

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I’ve asked some of my co-workers at KCRW to share what they hate about driving…Aaron writes this for Shortcuts’ Pet Peeve Off. Whats yours!?
“When Kajon asked me to write a little blog post about traffic pet peeves, I thought what am I gonna write about? Fortunately for me, I was actually in traffic while I was thinking about this, just inching along the devil’s freeway, …

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Santa Monica City Council Ciclovia

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Our friend Maggi Michel, she’s a part of the Santa Monica Ciclovia Group, informed me that tonight on the Santa Monica City Council agenda-CICLOVIA! Here is how Maggi explains it…
Santa Monica Ciclovia Santa Monica plans to clear the way for cyclists and friends to experience the freedom of the road and the city’s bike paths on a portion of Main …

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What is Ciclovia

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Do you know how, when you hear a word for the first time all of a sudden you hear it all over the place? That’s exactly what happened to me with the word Ciclovia. What a great word. With Colombian origins it has morphed into a word to describe the closing of a street to automobiles and designating a bicycle route. It is an event, …