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KCRW’s Garth Trinidad’s Traffic Pet Peeve

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I’ve asked some of the people at KCRW to share what they hate about driving for the Shortcuts Blog Pet Peeve Off. Whats yours!?

I have memories from early childhood that recall a positive, even righteous image of men in uniform. I’m sure many can identify with such innocent portraits in retrospect – back when school children would relish opportunities to experience an exchange with …

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The Pet Peeve Off….What’s Yours?

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A lot of  LA commuters spend 2 to 3 hours a day more or less sitting in traffic. It’s no wonder we all don’t have road rage. Road rage comes from a kernel of truth. A feeling that a violation has been done to you, and that there is no justice. Plus that person that just cut you off  has the nerve to drive off with …

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No closures for the 405…

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Sepulveda Pass project for the holiday weekend. Thank you !!!