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Traffic can mean so many things. People engaging in trade with each other. Trafficking goods, that’s good. Trafficking drugs, that’s bad. Human trafficking, my God, that’s horrible. Data traffic, that’s cool. Satellite traffic, network traffic, a very good thing. So much traffic, and we haven’t even mentioned cars or freeways.

The word traffic was used to describe moving goods and people. Unless you’re talking cybertalk, today …

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No Phone Zone

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“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”
– Albert Einstein
For those of us who aren’t brain surgeons, driving is probably the most complex everyday thing we do. It is a skill that consists of at least fifteen hundred “subskills”. At any moment, we are navigating through terrain, scanning our environment for …

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Finding the Middle of the Road

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We’ve got our Bike guy!!!! Please meet Rob Greene. I think you’ll find him smart, funny, and relevant!

I ride in the middle of the road. Physically speaking, this just means staying as far to the right of traffic as possible, but left enough to avoid car doors suddenly opening or dangerous debris that collects on the shoulder of roads. It is the safest …

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For all my Friends in Echo Park!

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As cities struggle with their finances they come to the people – raising prices on everything from parking meters to traffic tickets and more. But the people in Echo Park scored one for the Gipper!

It’s hard to compete with free parking in Echo Park

“Rates have been adjusted for off street parking lots to better serve the community and also to make them more …

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Santa Anita Classic Car Show

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What a treat! KCRW’s  David Kleinbart got much more that he bargained for when he and his wife went to Santa Anita for the horse races! David writes…

Fab Fairlanes… boss Bel-Airs… magnificent Mercs…
As I write this, Weekend Edition Sunday’s Liane Hansen is playing a clip from Commander Cody’s “Hot Rod Lincoln.”  How fitting!
Connie and I joined some friends at Santa Anita last …