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The Travel Bubble

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Airport Security! No privacy, and who can touch, who can see, apparently everybody!

I had to do some traveling by airplane recently. I’m not going to talk about what we all have been through…having to throw out your bottle of water, or your Avon Vanilla spray perfume, your shoes, belts, coats, blah blah blah.

I’m not going to discuss that no matter what I wear and take …

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Freeway Numerology:Why Things Are the Way They Are, From Highway One to the 905

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I am very excited to introduce Eric Roy. Eric is doing an entertaining and informative series for Shortcuts about our freeways, how they were named and the culture behind the road sign.
A sporadic and erratic series of ruminations on California’s monumental contribution to transportation culture.
By KCRW news anchor and host Eric Roy.
California’s first freeway, the Pasadena Freeway.  Official designation: California State Route 110

Part …

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Make Room it’s my Lane too!

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How goes the fight for the right for the road? The battle continues, but some locations in LA make it perfectly clear with Sharrows!

Bicycle Sharrows Expected to be on L.A. Streets by Summer
Plans to pilot bicycle sharrows on Los Angeles streets are beginning to solidify, a city bicycle official said today.
LAist one of my favorite blogs scores again with putting out the kind of  …

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New App for the Cyclist’s Best Route

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This is very exciting! “Google it” just took on a whole new meaning for a whole lot of cyclists today. Google Maps launched a “bike directions” application. It took place today at the National Bike Summit in Washington.  The New York Times reports:
Much like the driving and walking directions on Google Maps, the service selects a route and calculates estimated …

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Trampoline in Lanes

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As of 4:03 pm today, on the West side there is a trampoline NB on the 405 past Inglewood Avenue. Now I know there is a joke in there somewhere, but I can’t find it. Can you?

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They’re After Me Lucky Charms

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Mario Diaz here again. While driving around Los Angeles, or wherever you may live, have you ever noticed the little stuffed animals hanging from the bumpers and tow loops on cars? I noticed this mostly on the tuner cars, the modified import cars. I asked the people that have them why they do it, but I never got a good answer. So I decided …

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Valet Your Bike For FREE In Santa Monica!

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Sustainable Santa Monica just posted this on their Face Book Page.      How cool is this!!!
The City is hosting a free Bike Valet on Friday evenings on Main Street, including Last Fridays. The Bike Valet is located in front of the Library Alehouse each Friday evening and wants to keep your bike safe while you enjoy the restaurants and …