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Can the Words Traffic and Beauty be Used in the Same Sentence?

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One of my favorite things about working at KCRW are the people. The listening audience and the people I work with. Everyday I learn something new. I was talking with Anil Dewan, he’s our web master extraordinaire! He is a cyclist, and he’s very talented. We were talking about the blog, and how much traffic impacts our lives. He turned me onto essayist D.J.Waldie. …

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Traffic is a Culture, Not Just a Pain in the A**

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Take, for example, how it can nurture comradery at work – water cooler chat if you will.   “Were you on the 405 today? Wasn’t it the worst!?” Bam! With that one question people have something in common, and within seconds, people are sharing their recent traffic woes. Also, traffic can give you a great excuse. “Sorry I’m late, babe, traffic was a nightmare.” …

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Gone Racing for Valentines?

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For all of you that love speed, cars, racing, & NASCAR, I introduce to you Mario Diaz, and I welcome Mario to Shortcuts:Where Traffic and Culture Collide. Enjoy, while I try to get Mario to be more than a guest contributor! Thanks Mario!
Hi there. Mario Diaz here! The NASCAR season has now started along with other motor sports further adding to the car guy excitement. But this year …

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Mother Nature Speaks!

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Pledge drive over and finally we can get back to normal? Wait a minute, what’s up with all this weather? Have you noticed? There is a lot less news. Even NPR contacted their affiliate stations to say that, due to the winter snow storms on the east coast…”there is a lot less news.”
What do the winter snow storms on the east coast  have to do …

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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

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It has been a few days since my last post – sorry about that.  It’s the winter pledge drive at KCRW, a very busy time for everybody that works at the station.
I was talking to one the volunteers that came in to answer phones -I LOVE our volunteers- she asked me, “What is the weirdest thing you have ever reported?”
“Actually” I said, “There are …