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405 Update: A Conversation with Dave Sotero

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It was announced earlier that Caltrans has canceled the northbound I-405 closures  due to rain. It will start tomorrow night (Thursday)  at 9:00pm with ramp closures, followed by a full freeway closure on Friday starting at midnight.
Upon first hearing this news I groan, thinking – this is going to be a long three years. Stopping work when it rains? Man, this project will NEVER …

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Freeway Unexpectedly Becomes a Rodeo – I don’t think this is what the LA Weekly meant.

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Here is a little excerpt from the article I read.

Los Angeles Freeway FUBAR: I-405 closures hitting Westside and Valley; expect an ugly three years

…Yet here’s what we were told today when we called Caltrans for the ugly details: “Call Metro. It’s a Metro project.”
The rubes at Metro didn’t answer their 405 “Project Hotline.” Instead, they left an endlessly ringing phone without voice mail, truly …

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The 405 constructon starts this week!

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West side commuters…the work on the  405 will not begin tonight as Caltrans previously stated, however, the work begins on Wednesday morning.
May the traffic gods help us all….
LAist.com, among others, is a great ongoing resource as they continue to update the nightmare.

Full 405 Freeway Closures Begin Early Wednesday Morning
Caltrans has issued a retraction to last week’s notice about nightly closures on the 405 Freeway. Initially, the agency said they …

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Culture Clash/Crash

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Doctor sentenced to 5 years in prison for assaulting bicyclists in Brentwood
Are you a bicyclist? Who antagonized whom? Doesn’t really matter once you use your vehicle as a weapon.Talk about a hot button issue. Bicyclists have had a “tough road (row) to hoe” since bicycles started to take off in the late nineteenth century.
What and whom the road is for has been a question ever …

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Now We are Cookin’ With Gas….

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The more I look the more I find. I’m starting to feel like a commuter’s clearing house.
More from the LA Times today… maybe you better bookmark me!

Governor wants to catch speeders with red-light cameras to help balance budget
California drivers could get stuck with speeding tickets even with nary a cop in sight under a proposal tucked deep in the budget Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled …

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Speaking of transportation…..

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Wanting the basic theme of this blog to be in keeping with, how can I help you to get to where you want to go? I think Jerry McGuire said it best,
” help me help you!”. (and yes, I do know Jerry is a fictitious character)
I love, believe and want to nurture the concept of people moving people. Yes, call me a dreamer, but  I’m not …

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LAist.com offers great info for ongoing 405 Construction

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Some of the biggest news in traffic right now, is the construction planned for the 405.
I’ve found that the LAist.com is offering a great overview of the project.
Last week it was announced that beginning January 12th and lasting three years, Caltrans and Metro would be embarking on the final phases of putting in a carpool lane, among other freeway fixes, between the 10 and 101. …

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Introducing Shortcuts

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Gee, just what the world needs…another blog. But, here’s the thing, I’m sitting there – minding my own business, sipping on my way-too-hot quadruple latte’ (what? I was tired), and a fellow patron of the coffee shop sees my KCRW t-shirt, and strikes up a conversation. After a couple of minutes, chit chatting about music and how fabulous KCRW is, she asks me my …