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Close Encounters of the Animal Kind…

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I was heading home after work. I report the traffic for NPR’s All Things Considered on KCRW. I was driving up Malibu Canyon. It was winter time. I was snaking around Pepperdine and the Hughes Research Complex. It was early but dark. And then, out of nowhere kaboom! A deer jumped on my car! Right onto the hood! I didn’t hit him. Literally, it was …

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Traffic in LA? Now the Whole United States of America Knows…

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OMG! It is official! We have the worst traffic than anywhere in the USA.
Feel validated LA commuters. Whilst you sit there –  all angry, not moving –  not anyone  moving (except for the lane next to you), you are sighing, strumming, bumming, drumming… beating on the steering wheel with your fingers, punching different radio stations, chastising yourself, ” if only I would have left 15 …

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The Big Blue Bus May be In Trouble

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L.A. County transit agency projects historic budget shortfall

This bus is packed, but MTA ridership overall is down. There are no firm proposals for service cuts yet. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times / January 22, 2010)

According to Ari B. Bloomekatz from the LA Times yesterday, it doesn’t look good for the Santa Monica bus line and others. In the article, due to huge money problems – …

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I wanna ride my bike, and be SAFE!

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How can cyclists ever be safe when the authorities play fast and loose with the term “hit and run” vs. a “traffic accident” or just don’t “serve and protect” people who ride bycicles? Ed Magos was hit by a car:
…..From the corner of his eye, he saw the woman walk toward him. He yelled “I can’t move! Call 911!”
He remained motionless and continued to …

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When Weather Becomes News

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Keep current with all this rain.
From the LAFD –
Street, Road & Freeway Closures, Bus, Rail and Transit Status in Los Angeles:

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405 construction? That’s Nothing…Look Out! RAIN!

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We have all heard… the rain it’s a comin’ and a comin’ and a comin’ – it’s pouring! Affecting all of us 405 or not. Be prepared, leave early, and for the love of God, PACK-A-SNACK!!!!
Keep in mind, cars start to hydroplane at 55 mph. So please, for your sake and the sake of all the drivers around you SLOW DOWN. Turn your headlights on …

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Is this 405 project going to start OR WHAT?

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Already delays for the construction on the “Sepulveda Pass Project” and it has only been the first week. But guess what? This blog is already helping with transportation issues because of people like you leaving comments. Check this out. I’ve copied it from a comment from an earlier post. I don’t want it to get get buried. It made me start to look at Caltrans in a …

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Never Drink and Drive ANNNYwhere, but especially in Reno.

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According to the sheriffs department in Reno they have a NO tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving….

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What’s your alternate route?

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Ah yes, the very inspiration for this blog. I started worrying about the west side commuter the very first moment that I heard about the “Sepulveda Pass Project”.
All I thought about was how will they get through this massive  3-year construction for the 405? I knew about the typical alternates, Sepulveda Blvd…forget about that one, it too will be bummer to bummer. There’s Beverly …

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Can’t find the time to Read? Take the Bus!

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People moving people, my mantra. I am anxious to explore and help with bus riding…yeah, I said it, it had to be said. I have heard it all before and probably used the same excuses – bet you have too – “…public transportation in LA? Don’t make me laugh”, “…buses and Los Angeles? NO WAY! It will take me at least 2 hours to …