• Did you know in the US 40% of trips are 2 miles or less, with 90% of
  • them made by car?*
  • Did you know that it costs $5170 per year to operate a car, but $120
    per yer to maintain a bike on average?*
  • Did you know that driving a car releases 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon
    of gas driven?*
  • Did you know the folks at Cliff Bar have created a 2 Mile Challenge
    with a goal to avoid 100,000 car trips in 2011?
  • Did you know that as of the end of June, 1840 cyclists have biked
    160,155 miles. 20,329 car trips avoided as a result of the 2 Mile
  • Did you know you can be part of it too?   Essentially you create an
    account on their website, log your miles as you go and the software
    keeps track of your totals.   In my case, I logged 276 miles in June &over 100 more since signing up in May.  What I’m most happy with is
    except for a 50 mile group ride, my total mileage comes from commuter
    trips on the bike.  That’s easily a tank of gas I didn’t drive in
    June.  My wallet is happier too!

Cliff is awarding $100,000 in grants to one of three organizations.
You help decide which one it will be by crediting your efforts to the
team of your choice.  It costs you nothing but a little time and pedal
Take a peak and consider joining in!




(Statistic’s per Cliff*)