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It’s one thing to hear a cool song on the radio and want to know what it is. It’s an altogether different thing to hear a cool song that you know, you’ve played on your radio show, and that you even had sheet music to and had played on your instrument.

The other day I heard a cool latin version of a song I knew well. Even one I have played on the flute. I just couldn’t remember the name of ┬áit. I called the radio station playing it, but there was no answer. Being slightly obsessive (if there is such a thing) about needing to know stuff, I tried again and again. Suddenly it occurred to me: just use Shazam! I got my iphone out, hit Shazam, and boom! There it was: Perdido, by a Puerto Rican band. I even had the CD in my latin collection.

The point is that if you’re like me, in a restaurant or in your car (only do it while stopped) and you MUST know the name of a cool song, then Shazam! is the answer. Of course at KCRW, you can always call and somebody answers the phone and tells you. As well as, you can also check online. But at many radio stations and other places you can’t get information online or with a phone call.

So I am happy that Shazam is there. And mind you, I’ve tested Shazam on some pretty obscure stuff, and it listened and matched it. God bless you Shazam.

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TuneIn KCRW Radio App
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  • tom

    thanks for your interest, but it's only fair to pay for music. at a buck or $1.29 per song it's totally affordable. musicians and record companies need to get paid. the music business and people who worked in it have been ruined because people don't want to pay for music. I know many people, both professionals and musicians, who have been hurt. When I was growing up, you could buy a 45 rpm single, a-side and b-side, for $1.00. Now it's just little bit more. Why not pay….it's ethical!!!!