indexThe History of Future Folk” is movie about space aliens who come to earth to destroy it, but end up playing bluegrass instead. They bill it as “the only alien folk duo science-fiction action comedy ever made.” Variety called it “close encounters of the charming kind.”

Future Folk stopped by our studios for an interview and live performance after their first stop of their “Part (Of) Earth” Tour. They’ll be showing the movie and playing for adoring – and bewildered crowds in 10 American cities.

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  • Kirk Cheyfitz

    There’s been a lot of talk in New York (where the Part Earth tour touched down briefly) that the people of Hondo let us down by not destroying the human race, given the general state of the human race these days. On behalf of the people of New York, I want to say that I support the people of Hondo and their decision to turn to bluegrass instead was the best one possible under the circumstances. By the way, great movie.

    • Matt Holzman

      Well, gauging by the other night, their presence is having a very positive effect on the human race.

  • DoLA