CNN’s Harry Reekie tweeted this photo of a Sochi hotel: “This is the one hotel room @Sochi2014 have given us so far. Shambles. #cnnsochi”

In case you haven’t heard, things aren’t awesome right now for reporters looking for lodging in Sochi, Russia. Only six out of nine hotels that were supposed to be ready to house Olympic journalists are complete. Those that are actually opening their doors are missing lobbies, working elevators and potable water, among other things.

Journalists have been tweeting out photos and descriptions of their shabby living conditions. Reporter Stacy St. Clair of the Chicago Tribune became internet-famous last night with a photo of the yellow-brownish water that came out of her faucet. The hotel management told her to avoid putting it near her face.


Today on Press Play, we called Stacy and fellow journalist David Wharton of the L.A. Times to talk about what the hotel situation says about the city’s Olympic preparation in general.