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Gardens & Villa’s newest “Fixations”

Posted June 15, 2015 by | 2 Comments | 1,558 views]

Like Mad Max, Santa Barbara’s Gardens & Villa are survivors of the post blogcaplypse. But instead of brutal desert, their landscape is an Urban Outfitters hipster Jello mold the size of an Ikea. Their wasteland is a miasma of endlessly boring bands with dream poppy Izod shirts, ironic facial hair (which I didn’t even know was possible) and robo-playing youtube channels.
Quickly following up last year’s super solid Dunes album with a brand new album Music for …

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DJ Mario Cotto’s Top Albums of 2014

Posted December 13, 2014 by | 1 Comment | 1,725 views]

1 Aphex Twin — Syro
2 Ariel Pink — Pom Pom
3 Mind Fair — Mind Fair
4 Slim Twig — A Hound at the Hem

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RIP Adam Yauch: Mario Cotto Pays Tribute

Posted May 4, 2012 by | 11 Comments | 9,547 views]

This is difficult.
Not because I can’t think of things to say but because there is so much to say.
How to express both the crushing sadness and endless gratitude for a life?
Adam Yauch, aka MCA (aka Nathanial Hornblower aka Nathan Wind) was our modern manhood’s infinitely cooler older brother. And like an older brother, whether he intended to do so or not, he taught us …

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Bikini: Artist You Should Know

Posted April 21, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 2,737 views]

From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto

I’m tempted to not write anything…but simply urge you to listen to the Bikini track: “ACheerlaeder”

Bikini – ACheerlaeder by The India Trading Company
But I won’t do that. I’ll play nice and tell you that Bikini is two fresh young fellows, Nigel Diamond and Olivier Olivier. These dudes are a couple of musically-inclined prep school school kids who I get …

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Anthony Valadez and Mario Cotto Team Up for New Residency

Posted April 7, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 2,773 views]

KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez and Mario Cotto have joined forces for a new weekly residency at the Del Monte Speakeasy (hidden and tucked away under Townhouse in Venice). The evening – called Dirty Kicks — will include a mix of live band performances and DJ sets, featuring indie rock, throwback R&B, funk and more.
It all begins tonight if you’re looking for something …

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Gary Clark Jr: Artist You Should Know

Posted March 29, 2011 by | 1 Comment | 7,914 views]

KCRW DJ Mario Cotto reflects on Gary Clark Jr’s performance in LA at Bardot last night:
Gary Clark Jr. is a relevation. I honestly know very little about this dude, but the basics are that he shreds the guitar Voodoo Child-style. But, unlike Jimi, his performance is less of a technical, psychedelic trance. He’s got the urgency, heartbreak, and sensuality of great bluesy soul music.
Although …

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SXSW Preview: Phantogram

Posted March 4, 2011 by | 9 Comments | 5,689 views]

From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:
Phantogram’s “Mouthful of Diamonds” was unquestionably one of last year’s sweetest album openers.
With a sputtering drum loop that suggests that the album may not take off, this upstate NY duo dramatically reel you in, to suddenly propel you on a stratospheric flight that is playful, but driven, and somehow bubbly while intimating menace.
Using a tried and true trip-hop formula of lovely female vocals over programmed sequences and …

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Benoit & Sergio: Artist You Should Know

Posted February 28, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 4,184 views]

From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:
In their brief tenure as recording artists (less than 2 years,) DC’s Benoit & Sergio have already released a formidable series of 12”s and EPs on notable labels thesongsays, Spectral/Ghostly, Visionquest, and most recently, DFA.
Although technically they’d be labeled a minimalist techno-house outfit, Benoit & Sergio are actually doing something very exciting and altogether different.
Drawing narrative inspiration from songwriters like …

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Gold Panda — Marriage Remix EP + Tour Dates

Posted February 28, 2011 by | 2 Comments | 4,027 views]

Gold Panda had so much blog hype last year that I actually avoided listening to it for a while.  Sometimes the overwhelming words of praise scare me away and I prefer to wait and listen, even if I’m a little late to the party.
Well, guess what – the  UK producer and his debut full-length “Lucky Shiner” were totally deserving of all the attention.
DJ Mario …

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Nite Jewel: Local Band We Love

Posted February 21, 2011 by | 3 Comments | 4,605 views]

From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:
I’ve seen Nite Jewel perform in a variety of settings – from The Smell to The Music Box – and like ANY true artist worth their weight in salt, Nite Jewel is unmistakably true to her sound, vision, and ultimately herself.
She has a stunning ear for melodies and overdubs her vocals to the point of creating the sonic equivalent …

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