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Henry Rollins’ arctic blast: The Lurkers, PiL, and penguin calls

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Fanatic! This is a first. I am writing to you from a ship, moving north out of the Arctic Peninsula. It has been an amazing week of sights and information. There is a lot to know about this part of the world from the different kinds of ice, the formation of glaciers, the explorers and those who came to hunt down the wildlife here. …

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Henry Rollins’ latest broadcast: Kraftwerk, W-X, potential for hurling

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Fanatic! Writing to you from Ushuaia, Argentina. If you look on the map, you will see how there isn’t much further I can go before I run out of Argentina to be in. Tomorrow, I will be boarding a small ship for Antarctica where I will spend about a week and a half and then return to Los Angeles.
I just got an email from …

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What Peaches has in common with Henry Rollins: Guest DJ set on MBE

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If you don’t know the teaches of Peaches, then you need an education.
The pop provocateur dropped in on Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday (Nov. 17), to reveal some of the songs that made Peaches, well, Peaches. Note that her selection by the proto-punk rock band Suicide is also one of Henry Rollins’ faves from the group.
On top of that, Peaches — real name Merrill Nisker …

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Henry Rollins’ latest: Prepping “Gutterdämmerung” with Iggy Pop

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Fanatic! As I write this, I am in Antwerp Belgium, in an enormous production hall, where we have been rehearsing for the Gutterdämmerung rollout tomorrow night in London. We will run through everything here one more time and then get on the train and head to London. I won’t be there for long but it’s always great to be there.
The band powering the show …

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New Henry Rollins playlist: Nico, Wolf Eyes and a Parallax Error

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Fanatic! I hope you are digging your November wherever you are. Temperatures dropped in Los Angeles recently. I celebrated by listening to Nico and Stockhausen. I became interested in Stockhausen watching the “Kraftwerk and The Electronic Revolution” documentary. I only have one record of his, but there’s a lot online to listen to. So far, very interesting stuff.
Some records I have been checking out …

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New Henry Rollins: Wire, Fuzz, and a Tom Waits November

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Fanatic! Welcome to November. I am glad we could all be together on the first day of this month. We have a lot of great listening to do in the next five Sundays. That’s right, November is one of those special months.
Before I forget, I wanted to tell you this. As you might know, I am a huge fan of the Wire album Document …

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New Henry Rollins broadcast: Wand, David Bowie & a Lightning Bolt jag

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Wand (Drag City)

Fanatic! We have yet again put together a great list of tunes that you will hopefully enjoy.
Thank you for listening to last week’s show as we took a moment to acknowledge the passing of Gail Zappa and Steve Mackay.
For this show, our first hour is classic Punk Rock and we get more exploratory in our second hour. The Creeping Pink album is really cool, …

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The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne is Our Guest DJ

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henry buzz

It seems hard to believe but Henry Rollins and Buzz Osborne, frontman for the Melvins, have never met before — until last night, in KCRW’s Master Control, where Henry confidently handed over the reins for the entire two hours.
Their combined music knowledge was incredible and hearing them bounce off one another with stories and information was really something special.
Buzz described his tastes as “musically …

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Ian Mackaye Joins Henry Rollins on KCRW — Set List + Photos

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mic flag pose crop

I had the honor of being a fly on the wall as Henry Rollins and his friend of over 40 years, Ian Mackeye (Fugazi, Minor Threat, The Evens), took over the airwaves for two hours on Saturday. Not only did they play some very hard-to-find tracks and unreleased demos that Ian has in his possession, but it was a bit of an education about …

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KCRW Exclusive! Henry Rollins unveils EDM project

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Fanatics! Subculture stalwart and KCRW’s resident maniac Henry Rollins is a tireless soul consistently pushing the edges of reason and taste…
Last Saturday evening I noticed some rave gloves in Henry’s record bag and some sketches for what look like a helmet/headpiece. I cornered the man in the rest room and after much uncomfortable berating on my part Henry revealed that he is IN FACT working on an EDM project …

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