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KCRW Exclusive: Glasvegas – Euphoria, Take My Hand (Jason Rutledge remix)

Posted April 4, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 3,809 views]

Many singers don’t sing with an accent. I’m SO glad James Allan, frontman for Scottish rock band Glasvegas, does. Aside from the swirling, epic sounds of the music, I can recognize a Glasvegas song in under 10 seconds. And I mean that totally as a compliment.
James wrote the latest album, “Euphoric Heartbreak”, around the corner from KCRW, on the beach here in Santa Monica. …

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Why Henry Rollins Loves J Mascis

Posted March 9, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 4,676 views]

KCRW is streaming the new solo album by Dinosaur Jr’s  J Mascis as part of our Album Preview series and when we were looking for a DJ to do a write up, we knew it had to be Henry Rollins.
Weeks ago he premiered a song of the album that he himself had procured, so it was clear he was exciting about the impending release …

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Gang of Four: Album Preview

Posted January 18, 2011 by | 0 Comments | 3,493 views]

Gang of Four’s latest album “Content” is streaming in its entirety as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series.
From KCRW DJ Gary Calamar:
“Back in the day (late 80′s) I used to manage an overly talented but highly underrated band called The Balancing Act. We had released a few albums on IRS Records. The band was doing pretty well back when college radio was king. When …

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Stream Simian Mobile Disco’s New Album “Delicacies”

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With a name like “Delicacies,” it’s hard to resist Simian Mobile Disco’s new album. And after I read that DJ Dan Wilcox called it an “unrelenting techno tour-de-force,” I was hooked!
The band spent most of this year creating a series of 12” singles named after exotic delicacies James Ford and Jas Shaw discovered while touring around the world and this album is …

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Home Video: For Your Weekend Listening

Posted November 19, 2010 by | 0 Comments | 1,620 views]

It’s looking to be a rainy weekend LA – a great time to catch up on new tunes (wherever you are, really!). I recommend spending some time on our Album Preview page. Our newest addition is from Brooklyn-based duo Home Video. You can stream their album, “Automatic Process,” and read about why Jason Bentley is a fan HERE. Here’s an excerpt:

“The new …

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Album Preview: The Greenhornes

Posted November 4, 2010 by | 4 Comments | 5,232 views]

Wow, a new album from The Greehornes. When they released their EP “East Grand Blues” I did not yet work at KCRW, though I was an avid listener and that is most definitely how I discovered the band. I remember nights driving around listening only to those 5 songs on repeat.
I would have been anxious for new material if the rhythm section hadn’t been …

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Album Preview: Bryan Ferry — “Olympia”

Posted October 18, 2010 by | 0 Comments | 2,801 views]

Bryan Ferry’s new album is already get a lot of love on our airwaves – I heard Anne Litt singing its praises this weekend – and now you can hear it streaming in its entirety as part of our Album Preview series here!
Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley tells us why you should go listen!
“For the better part of four decades, Bryan Ferry …

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Hear the New Album from Masquerade Performers Gram Rabbit

Posted October 15, 2010 by | 0 Comments | 4,404 views]

Gram Rabbit are on the bill for KCRW’s killer Halloween bash Masquerade and now you can hear their new album, “Miracles & Metaphors,” streaming in its entirety as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series.
More from DJ Eric J Lawrence:
Gram Rabbit “Miracles & Metaphors” (Cobraside)
Joshua Tree’s desert-fried cult-rockers Gram Rabbit should not be mistaken for the soft and furry variety of cottontails.  These musical hares …

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Album Preview: Eric Whitacre “Light & Gold”

Posted October 13, 2010 by | 0 Comments | 5,284 views]

KCRW DJ Tom Schnabel tells us about Eric Whitacre’s new album “Light & Gold” streaming now as part of our Album Preview series.
Eric Whitacre “Light & Gold” (Decca)
I remember years ago, while living in my little rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica, listening to the lilting Duruflé Requiem, calmly dreaming away, awash in the lovely choral music.  A next door neighbor of mine …

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Album Preview: Belle & Sebastian — “Write About Love”

Posted October 4, 2010 by | 0 Comments | 2,807 views]

Hear Belle & Sebastian’s new CD “Write About Love” streaming now as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series.
From KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox:
Somewhere there is a purist Belle & Sebastian fan who is not happy (imagine that…), who longs for the gentle arrangements and careful whispers of “If You’re Feeling Sinister” in favor of the rich (even sometimes glossy) production and bold, spirited songs of …

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