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Listen to complete new albums from Bones & Beeker and Martin Crane

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KCRW’s Album Previews — helmed by Eric J. Lawrence — offer a chance to hear new album releases in their entirety each week, prior to and just after release.

The new collaboration between Anthony Newes and Brendan Kelly, aka BK-One, comes from good intentions. Both Minneapolis-based musicians had participated in a variety of music-making projects through the years, from folk-rock to hip-hop, but only met …

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Beliefs, Beat Happening, Kishi Bashi: Listen to the complete new albums

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KCRW’s Album Previews — helmed by Eric J. Lawrence — offer a chance to hear new album releases in their entirety each week, prior to and just after release.

Whether you know it or not, Pacific Northwest indie-rock legends Beat Happening have been a major influence on what you listen to today, influencing the likes of Beck, the White Stripes, Deerhunter, Camera Obscura, Sleater-Kinney, and …

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Listen to Library Voices’ intriguing new album in full

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Library Voices

Lovish, the third full-length album from Canadian band Library Voices, is a record that almost didn’t happen. Their 2011 album Summer of Lust and its seemingly-endless tour left the band exhausted and in need of break. Just as they reconvened to record the new album, singer and guitarist Carl Johnson was hospitalized after a random attack where he was beaten and left unconscious on …

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Listen to the entire new album from Fat Freddy’s Drop

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Fat Freddy's Drop

Of any band which has arisen in the new millennium, Fat Freddy’s Drop has been one of KCRW’s favorites. Over the course of three studio albums and a fistful of live releases, this New Zealand-based collective has captured the musical multi-cultural vibe that strikes our fancy and engages our listeners. Using a mix of reggae, funk, jazz & electronic styles, Fat Freddy’s Drop have …

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KCRW Exclusive: Glasvegas – Euphoria, Take My Hand (Jason Rutledge remix)

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Many singers don’t sing with an accent. I’m SO glad James Allan, frontman for Scottish rock band Glasvegas, does. Aside from the swirling, epic sounds of the music, I can recognize a Glasvegas song in under 10 seconds. And I mean that totally as a compliment.
James wrote the latest album, “Euphoric Heartbreak”, around the corner from KCRW, on the beach here in Santa Monica. …

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Why Henry Rollins Loves J Mascis

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KCRW is streaming the new solo album by Dinosaur Jr’s  J Mascis as part of our Album Preview series and when we were looking for a DJ to do a write up, we knew it had to be Henry Rollins.
Weeks ago he premiered a song of the album that he himself had procured, so it was clear he was exciting about the impending release …

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Gang of Four: Album Preview

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Gang of Four’s latest album “Content” is streaming in its entirety as part of KCRW’s Album Preview series.
From KCRW DJ Gary Calamar:
“Back in the day (late 80′s) I used to manage an overly talented but highly underrated band called The Balancing Act. We had released a few albums on IRS Records. The band was doing pretty well back when college radio was king. When …

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Stream Simian Mobile Disco’s New Album “Delicacies”

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With a name like “Delicacies,” it’s hard to resist Simian Mobile Disco’s new album. And after I read that DJ Dan Wilcox called it an “unrelenting techno tour-de-force,” I was hooked!
The band spent most of this year creating a series of 12” singles named after exotic delicacies James Ford and Jas Shaw discovered while touring around the world and this album is …

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Home Video: For Your Weekend Listening

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It’s looking to be a rainy weekend LA – a great time to catch up on new tunes (wherever you are, really!). I recommend spending some time on our Album Preview page. Our newest addition is from Brooklyn-based duo Home Video. You can stream their album, “Automatic Process,” and read about why Jason Bentley is a fan HERE. Here’s an excerpt:

“The new …

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Album Preview: The Greenhornes

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Wow, a new album from The Greehornes. When they released their EP “East Grand Blues” I did not yet work at KCRW, though I was an avid listener and that is most definitely how I discovered the band. I remember nights driving around listening only to those 5 songs on repeat.
I would have been anxious for new material if the rhythm section hadn’t been …

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