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Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Travis Bretzer, Oceaan, Francisco the Man, Monogold

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Travis Bretzer — “Promises”
There is a sweet simplicity to this song that I love – and the fact that it will be included on an album called “Waxing Romantic” pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It’s got a breezy 70’s vibe as he ruminates on his relationship.
It will be on the debut full length from Canadian artist Travis Bretzer (out February …

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Fly Golden Eagle: Artist You Should Know

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fly golden eagle_

If you’re a fan of the Alabama Shakes and have been anticipating the release of their new album, I have a delicious garage rock treat out of Nashville you might like in the meantime: Fly Golden Eagle

They band formed about five years ago, starting as a solo project from Ben Trimble, who came from a religious family “steeped in gospel choirs and honky-tonk keys”.
Their …

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Literature: Artist You Should Know

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As best I can gather, Philadelphia based band Literature began releasing music in 2010 in the form of a 7” titled “Cincinnati.”
How in the name of all that is pure and holy had no other indiepop band named themselves Literature by 2010?
No matter, this Literature is clearly the one true Literature.
Their first LP “Arab Spring” was released in 2012 as free download on Bandcamp, …

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KCRW Premiere: Talk in Tongues Remixed by Dungen

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Lots of folks can articulately argue that time is a loop.
Often times, the people who tend to have sorted it out are people deep in the throes of a psychedelic experience. I don’t think I’m one of those people, but…
Take for example this scenario: In actuality it begins over 40 years ago, but let’s start about 15 years ago when Swedish psych-rockers Dungen start mining their country’s INSANE legacy of 70s super fuzzed out, …

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Digitalism, Damien Rice, RAC and More on KCRW This Week

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Upcoming Live Performances on MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC with host JASON BENTLEY
Monday, November 10, Jason Bentley is a big fan of German electro duo Digitalism, who make their Morning Becomes Eclectic debut at 11:15am.
Tuesday, November 11, After a seven year hiatus, Damien Rice returns with a stunning new album produced by the inimitable Rick Rubin. We’re thrilled to welcome him back to Morning Becomes Eclectic …

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Shelf Life: Simple Minds, Denitia & Sene, Twerps

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Denitia & Sene – “Side FX” (single)
Keeping in an 80′s vein, this duo return with a super-catchy, sexy throb of a song, making me excited to hear more from their forthcoming EP.

Bonus: Download here!
Simple Minds – “Big Music” (Caroline)
This legendary 80s band’s “Sparkle in the Rain” album is one of my top 10 all-time favorites, so I was eager to hear their new one, …

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Photos: TV on the Radio Live on KCRW

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Kyp and Tunde bestby Ethan Shvartzman - 04 sm

(Find the full session here)
Aside from seeing them in a very intimate space, two things made KCRW’s Apogee Sessions show with TV on the Radio extra special:
They played a bunch of songs from their forthcoming record “Seeds” that none of us had heard before and frontman Tunde Adebimpe is now a certified Angeleno (residing in Silver Lake, close to bandmate Dave Sitek and his …

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Tkay Maidza: Artist You Should Know

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Photo by Cybele Malinowski

I love following the horse race for summer jam of the year, though I gotta say, 2014′s crop of contenders was one of the weakest that I can remember.
There wasn’t a huge single for everyone to get behind (and inevitably burn out on) through the summer like in years past.
The big winner of the Summer of 2014 (by default) would appear to be Iggy …

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It’s a Wonderful Life – Joakim Shares His in a New Video

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Earlier this year, Joakim released a fantastic album called Tropics of Love. It’s a truly spectacular album from a truly spectacular artist.
One of the highlights of the album is an autobiographical jam called “This is My Life” that traces (with heartbreaking sincerity) epic and sometimes mundane life-changing moments in Joakim’s life.
After an instrumental bridge, he plaintively asks the listener, “This is my life. What will you do with it?” and it’s one …

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KCRW Exclusive: All 45′s Guest DJ Set from J Rocc!

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breaks and beats crop

You ever see those videos of DJs standing around, having a smoke and just hanging?
This might be the end of the era where the DJ had to match beats based on feeling, rhythm and foot taps. I see it weekly sometimes. And there is nothing wrong with it. You adapt or you fade.
But DJs like J Rocc are of a different cloth.
Constantly moving and …

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