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The New Basement Tapes; Video and Interview With Anne Litt

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The New Basement Tapes by Paul Moore. (From L to R: Taylor Goldsmith, T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Anne Litt, Rhiannon Giddens, Jim James.)

For the uninitiated, The New Basement Tapes are a newly formed, one-off group of artists brought together by the legendary producer T Bone Burnett after he was personally given a box of lyrics written by Bob Dylan.
The lyrics came from a major writing session in 1967 , when Dylan invited some fellow musicians (who later became The Band) to upstate New York for some …

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VIDEO: Portable’s sublime “Surrender”

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South African producer Alan Abrahams produces exciting variations of Techno/Machine Funk/House under several monikers.
As Portable, Abrahams released pretty heady House Music with a distinctly European leaning on Sud, Background and Live at Robert Johnson labels and intermittently Abrahams releases work as Bodycode via Spectral Sound in the US.
These distinctions between projects though notable are negligible as it’s literally “all good” as they say.
For the first time in a couple of years, Abrahams …

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Digitalism Live on KCRW: Second Chance

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Digitalism recently made their Morning Become Eclectic debut and while the title track of their latest release “Second Chance” was clearly a highlight, longtime fans will appreciate their remix of Riton’s “I Need Your Love” as well as “Zdarlight” from their debut album, and another early favorite “Pogo”.

Host Jason Bentley mentioned how the German duo first came on the scene when a “hard …

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Waters Debut New Track “Up Up Up” Live on KCRW

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Waters by Brian Lowe

The man behind Waters, Van Pierszalowski, told Jason Bentley he was not shying away from big choruses on their new record, slated for release in Spring.
They have an EP out now, but played a bunch of new tracks during their Morning Becomes Eclectic set this morning, including the radio debut of the ultra catchy “Up Up Up”.

Van said he aimed to make music for …

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Belle and Sebastian are Back!

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Who knew that Scottish indie popsters Belle and Sebastian would make one of the best dance songs of 2014??
They haven’t released a new studio album since 2010, but they’re gearing up for the release of “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance” on January 19 on Matador Records and I couldn’t be more excited.
“The Party Line” will make you want to move and the video, …

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It’s a Wonderful Life – Joakim Shares His in a New Video

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Earlier this year, Joakim released a fantastic album called Tropics of Love. It’s a truly spectacular album from a truly spectacular artist.
One of the highlights of the album is an autobiographical jam called “This is My Life” that traces (with heartbreaking sincerity) epic and sometimes mundane life-changing moments in Joakim’s life.
After an instrumental bridge, he plaintively asks the listener, “This is my life. What will you do with it?” and it’s one …

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Spooky Grooves from Eric J Lawrence

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While Christmas gets the major love for holiday-related tunes (and beware, the stations that switch to 24-hour Christmas song formats are bound to start up in the next week or two…), Halloween and related spooky themes have been a common source of subject matter for songs since time immemorial.
This year, I shared some of my favorite songs for the spooky season with Madeleine Brand …

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The Return of Blonde Redhead

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20 years on, New York dream pop outfit Blonde Redhead continues to boldly do whatever the Hell they want in their confoundingly delectable way.
Their newest album, “Barragan“, picks up where their gorgeous 2010 release “Penny Sparkle“ left off.
That is to say, they’re still finding new and intriguing ways to artfully explore a slow, gossamer version of a sound that has made household names of artists …

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Four Songs You Should Listen to Right Now: Pete Molinari, Father John Misty, Sylvan Esso, Parquet Courts

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sylvan esso

Pete Molinari – “Hang My Head in Shame”
I opened a package with the Pete Molinari album last night and everything about it said folk – the cover art of him with a guitar, a list of influences that include Woody Guthrie – but when I put it on, I was met with “Hang My Head in Shame” which in anything but.
It’s an incredibly catchy …

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Fandom: Jim James on Daniel Martin Moore and Joan Shelley

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As part of our Fandom series we have Jim James from My Morning Jacket telling us about one of his favorite new artists.
I would like to write about an album called “Farthest Field” by Daniel Martin Moore and Joan Shelley.
It allows the soul to comfortably leave the body and easily flow free of all earthly concern to the farthest corners of the field. The …

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