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Maya Angelou and Music

Posted September 12, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 858 views]

Editor’s Note: When Jason Bentley played the Buckshot LeFonque song “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” earlier this week, it immediately reminded me of the passing of Maya Angelou earlier this spring.
Music librarian Eric J. Lawrence was reminded as well & wrote this remembrance of the great American poet and her presence in popular music.

American writer & professor Maya Angelou was probably the …

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RIP Bobby Womack

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Admittedly, I’m experiencing quiet emotional turmoil each time a “great” musician passes.
The generation of musicians born circa WWll are undoubtedly some of the greatest that will ever live.
Every facet of post world war America in the 1940′s through the 60′s, from the celebratory consensus of victory to the tenor of hope and rebellion that sparked radical political, social, and art movements, changed the world …

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RIP: Legendary Jazz Pianist Horace Silver

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Editor’s Note: Rhythm Planet’s Tom Schnabel shares his thoughts on the artist as well.
You look around the music landscape these days and, sad to say, there doesn’t seem to be as many iconic musicians around anymore.
And today we are down one more, as we learned of the passing of a true icon, jazz pianist Horace Silver. 
Basically serving as the definition of the term “hard …

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RIP Frankie Knuckles, “The Godfather of House”

Posted April 1, 2014 by | 1 Comment | 3,371 views]

As the shocking news spread like wildfire, the dance music community hoped beyond hope that news of his passing was a cruel April Fool’s Day joke, but it soon became clear that Chicago House Music legend and godfather Frankie Knuckles had indeed passed away.
A formidable DJ and producer, Knuckles began DJing in New York in the late 70s with Disco legend Larry Levan. He moved …

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RIP: Reggae Pops

Posted March 21, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 3,272 views]
by Anthony Valadez

Reggae Pops was a fixture on the music scene here in LA and, with the news of his passing, a flurry of tributes went up on Facebook.
He visited KCRW’s studios when Lianne La Havas performed, and it was a pleasure to have his incredible spirit here.
Watch Lianne’s video featuring Reggae Pops and read a tribute from KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez below.

Lianne La Havas “Age” …

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RIP Benjamin Curtis of School of Seven Bells

Posted December 30, 2013 by | 0 Comments | 1,500 views]
by Andrew Youssef

I had heard the news that Benjamin Curtis was battling cancer, but it still somehow came as a total shock when I found out he passed away last night.
Needless to say, he was way too young. You can find a note with more info from his manager here.
I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin in studio during the two School of Seven Bells live …

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RIP Fruit Bats – A Tribute

Posted November 12, 2013 by | 2 Comments | 1,353 views]
fruitbats best

I’m always sad to see a band I love call it quits. But in this case, there is a happy ending.
Fruit Bats frontman/founder Eric D. Johnson wrote an open letter to fans letting them know he’s going to still be making new music under his own name and has been scoring movies and producing bands. SO, after 13 years and 5 albums, he’s simply …

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RIP Lou Reed — A Tribute from KCRW

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All of the KCRW DJs were devastated to hear about the loss of Lou Reed and we communicate our grief in the best way we know how — through the music itself.
The above photo hangs in Master Control, a daily reminder of Lou’s powerful impact on music and a major moment in the history of the station.
Chris Douridas was the first DJ on the …

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RIP Lou Reed: Chris Douridas Pays Tribute

Posted October 28, 2013 by | 4 Comments | 2,336 views]
magic and loss

Seems simple, but look at the real meaning: ‘showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, esp. by changing one’s ways or opinions’.
Lou was uncompromising.
He stopped by KCRW several times during the years I hosted MBE.
The first time we met was in 1992, on the occasion of his latest album, “Magic and Loss“, a powerful portrait of loss, chronicling the death of two …

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RIP Lou Reed: Eric J Lawrence Pays Tribute

Posted October 27, 2013 by | 3 Comments | 2,476 views]

Having attended most years of the first decade of the Coachella festival, I now feel like I can skip a year every now and again.  2013 was maybe going to be one of those years, as I had seen most of the bands that I cared to see already.
The exception was Lou Reed, who I had never seen before, and his presence alone was …

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