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Video Premiere: Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Fish in the Sea” (live in studio)

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Fat Freddy's Drop

Watch the New Zealand-based band (and KCRW favorite) rehearse a track from their new album, Bays, in their home studio! Plus drones!

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Cayucas throws on ‘Big Winter Jacket’ in new music video: PREMIERE

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Cayucas dug deep into childhood recollections for the band’s magnificent 2015 album “Dancing at the Blue Lagoon,” the deepest well of which may be opener “Big Winter Jacket.” Teepeeing houses, baseball cards in bicycle spokes, flashlights, home movies, secrets written on notebook paper hidden within pre-adolescent depths: the specificity of language and light is reflected in this transfixing, sentimental jog.
The Secretly Canadian signees’ home …

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Martin Courtney’s “Many Moons” eclipses No. 1 on Most Played Albums

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Martin Courtney

Martin Courtney — “Many Moons”
Fat Freddy’s Drop — “Bays”
Deerhunter — “Fading Frontier”
St Germain — “St Germain”
Hermitude — “Dark Night Sweet Light”

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Your First 2015 Holiday Playlist: KCRW’s L.A. Zoo Lights music mix

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If you’re in Los Angeles and are on the fence on checking out the L.A. Zoo Lights — the holiday lights display at the L.A. Zoo — then maybe this fun fact will take you over the top: KCRW’s own Eric J. Lawrence cobbled together a list of left-of-center Christmas tunes, upbeat and family-friendly future hits and animal-themed jams of the past into a …

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Thanksgiving Day Playlists: For cooking, dining, decompressing

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You’re looking at that turkey right now, thinking, “What music is going to get me through this Thanksgiving Day?”
And you already know KCRW has your back with this special Thanksgiving edition of Guest DJ Project with Good Food host Evan Kleiman and chefs as the music masters, prepped by master producer Rachel Reynolds.
Tom Schnabel previously cranked out 83 songs for your T-day playlist.

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Guest DJ Project – Chefs Edition: Tasty Music for Thanksgiving

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I’m yet to meet a chef who isn’t a giant music fan.
On the Guest DJ Project, we’ve hosted more than 20 of the best in the business and, without fail, they’ve all impressed me with their passion for music.
It clearly plays a huge role in what they do – whether it’s keeping them company in the kitchen while they work their magic, or setting …

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Watch: Adele’s KCRW visits, from ‘Chasing’ to ‘Rolling’

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Adele at KCRW in 2011

Adele’s new album 25 practically broke the internet and literally broke records this week and last, which reminded us of her humble beginnings and her numerous visits to KCRW. Travel back in time with us…

March 21, 2008: The First Time

KCRW championed Adele from the very beginning, when 19 was released in January 2008. By March, she was performing in our legendary studios the …

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MBE welcomes Raury live in-studio this Thanksgiving week

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Welcome to your weekly Morning Becomes Eclectic update, for news and performances over Nov. 23-27, 2015 on KCRW and
MONDAY, November 23: Raury has been on our radar since the release of his debut EP. The song “God’s Whisper” made a big impression on a handful of our DJs and solidified the teenager (yep, that’s right) as an artist-to-watch.
With his full-length debut, the Atlanta …

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Guest DJ Project: Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones shakes to Rolling Stones

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When I moved to Los Angeles in 2000, Lucy Jones quickly became a familiar name to me.
As I was new to “shaker” territory, I consumed everything I could about it. I also worked in a newsroom and, when anyone had a question about earthquakes, they went directly to Dr. Lucy Jones.
She studies seismic waves for a living and she quickly makes the connection with …

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Fat Freddy’s Drop TOPS KCRW’s Most Played Albums Chart this week

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Fat Freddy's Drop#1

Fat Freddy’s Drop — “Bays”
Deerhunter — “Fading Frontier”
Disclosure — “Caracal”
Hermitude — “Dark Night Sweet Light”
St Germain — “St Germain”

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