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Friday Free for All: Kendrick Lamar & Kenny Loggins remixes + Derevolutions

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Kendrick Lamar Remixes
No matter what else happens in 2015, Kendrick Lamar‘s latest album, “To Pimp A Butterfly“, has cemented its place on my end-of-year top 10 list.
It’s an record so weighty and complex in its ambition and execution that it makes most other albums released this year look D-League in comparison.
That’s on one level.
On another level, it’s also just a really fun album to …

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Adrian Sherwood’s “At The Controls” On-U Sound Retrospective

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UK producer Adrian Sherwood is a living legend.
His discography is bonkers and frankly doesn’t quite make sense on paper. And as good as any one of his productions are individually, no one song would necessarily give you pause.
But, like a Chuck Close painting, his discography requires you looking at it (that is, hearing it) from a distance. Trying to connect the dots up close, without hearing the work would …

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Five Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Hinds, Holly Miranda, Ivan & Alyosha, Boxed In, Matthew E White

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Hinds – “Between Cans”
Last summer, I wrote about a couple ladies from Spain with a catchy lo-fi pop sound.
They’ve since changed their name from Deers to Hinds and expanded to a quartet.
I heard great things about their SXSW appearances and recently saw a quote from Primal Scream’s Bobby Gilespie about their live show, saying “it’s like The Pastels meets Mink De Ville and has …

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Avener: Artist You Should Know

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I was listening to the French producer Tristan Casara, aka The Avener recently and was struck by his track “Fade Out Lines”.
Growing up in Nice, France, Tristan was never a stranger to music.
He began playing piano at the age of five. This incredibly early start was a sure sign of innate talent and commitment to his craft.
By age 15, Casara was developing his musical …

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Jose Padilla’s Bright New Day

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Jose Padilla’s last (and most recent) release for International Feel was a deliciously woozy 12″ called “Solito“.
The totally Romantic diminutive of alone, “Solito” perhaps found Padilla exorcising some spirits of loneliness.
That release, however, was only the beginning of a budding new relationship with International Feel’s Mark Barrott. That relationship now in full bloom, has birthed a brand new Padilla release, “Day One” out this week.
A blissed-out sliver of beachy sunlight, …

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Ibeyi: Artist You Should Know (SXSW Preview)

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Ibeyi are Cuban-born sisters based out of Paris, France who expertly blend some of the most amazing world sounds with minimal instrumentation.
A simple percussion instrument known as the cajòn and piano layered with beautiful vocals makes for a unique sound that incorporates both English and Yoruba, which is the native language of Nigeria.
They share the music in their blood which came from their father, …

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Ryley Walker: Artist You Should Know (SXSW Preview)

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Ryley Walker first came to my attention with the release of his debut album “All Kinds of You” last year on Tompkins Square.
Due to that label’s tendency to reissue rare recordings combined with Walker’s knack for a vintage production sound, I thought for some time the album was recorded 45 years ago instead of 2014. (I should really pay more attention to these press releases)
Walker is …

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Friday Free For All: Tame Impala and Nuve

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Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”
It seems hard to believe, but it’s been nearly three years since Tame Impala’s last studio album — “Lonerism” — came out.
Not that Kevin Parker has been sitting idly by in that time; between touring (and releasing the excellent Live Versions album last year (“Be Above It”  from that album is EPIC!), producing and collaborating on releases by Melody’s …

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Cotto Social Anxiety SXSW 2015 Preview

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fort romeau

I am old.
I haven’t been to SXSW in over 10 years.
And when I went it was for my cousins Bachelor Party which happened to fall at the same time as the Interactive Week. Austin was teeming with drunk nerdy people in lanyards speaking in tongues all over each other about “new media.”
Mind you this is before iPhones even.
In any case, the atmosphere gave me a kind …

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Matt Woods: Artist You Should Know

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matt woods

Matt Woods’ vocal ability jumped out at me right away.
In a recent conversation with the British singer, he told me a story of how he began.  Hegrew up in the town of Cornwall, England and got his natural abilities from his mother, who was a professional singer.
Woods attended university in London, at Imperial College, where he loved to perform Beatles covers. It wasn’t until a …

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