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Photos: John Legend Live on KCRW

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John Legend started his intimate set as part of KCRW’s Apogee Sessions series with a song about his prowess in the bedroom, “Tonight”, and as soon as he sang the first verse of the “best you ever had”, the crowd burst into cheers.
John has sold millions of records, won handfuls of Grammys, yet seeing him in an intimate venue in front of 200 people …

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Photos: Rodrigo y Gabriela Live on KCRW

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by Larry Hirshowitz

If you’ve never seen Rodrigo y Gabriela live, you must immediately put it at the top of your music bucket list.
I first saw the dynamic duo and their dueling guitars at a KCRW benefit show in 2007. It was still early in their career but they absolutely slayed. It was a revelation.
They got a standing ovation and folks couldn’t stop talking about it. Now, …

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Photos: Chromeo Live on KCRW

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by Jon Gordon McKenzie

Chromeo is the ultimate party band.
The Canadian duo — Dave 1 and P-Thugg — have been playing their brand of 80′s influenced electro-funk for more than 10 years (before the genre was in style, they’re quick to say, back when punk dance bands like Rapture and Bloc Party ruled) and they’ve never done it better.
On their new album “White Girls“, they’ve perfected the pop …

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Photos: Beck Live on KCRW

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by Larry Hirshowitz

Watch the full session here.
Tears were welling up in my eyes just one song into Beck’s live set for KCRW last night.
He started with “The Golden Age” off “Sea Change” then segued beautifully into three tracks from his new album “Morning Phase”, which is not only one of the best records of the year, but possibly one of his best overall. (It is also …

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Photos: MGMT Live on KCRW

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by Jeremiah Garcia

MGMT’s latest release, their 3rd full length, was a self-titled album.
That is always a meaningful gesture for a band. But just what it means to Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser is anyone’s guess because trying to get a straight answer out of them is near impossible.
Equal parts playful, sarcastic, and genuinely oddball, the duo seem like unlikely rockstars who are still coping with their …

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Photos: Kelis Live on KCRW

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KCRW’s Apogee Sessions featuring Kelis hosted by Garth Trinida

KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad calls Kelis the “urban alternative Madonna.”
She’s been a musical cameleon since the release of her debut in 1998 with “Kaleidoscope” – from pop to disco diva – and always someone to watch for interesting expressions of musicality, style and more.
When she arrived backstage for KCRW’s Apogee Session, it was like a goddess emerged, but with none of the goddess attitude. …

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Photos: Rosanne Cash Live on KCRW

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Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal by Larry Hirshowitz

Backstage during a pre-show photo shoot, John Leventhal jokingly made a funny face when I said that he and Rosanne Cash made a cute couple, but she grinned from ear to ear.
Knowing that their collaboration is both romantic (he is her husband) and musical (he served as producer, arranger and guitarist on her new record) made it extra fun to witness that sweet interaction.
Rosanne …

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Photos: Jake Bugg Live on KCRW

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Jake-Bugg-horiz-at-Apogee-Sessions-by-Jeremiah-Garcia_16 sm

Watch the session here.
Producer/Mixer Bob Clearmountain has worked with some of the best musicians in the world – from the Stones to Springsteen – and when I asked him what he thought of young Jake Bugg, his eyes instantly brightened and he called him “amazing”.
This conversation followed a blistering live set where the 19-year-old folk troubadour commanded the stage, switching between acoustic and electric …

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Photos: Johnny Marr Live on KCRW

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by Larry Hirshowitz

(Watch the full session in the archives here)
“Come on you lot!”
Johnny Marr probably talks to his band much differently today than he did in in previous arrangements.
But the past has a funny way of shaping your future, especially when those days were so important for entire generations of audiences.
If it seems Johnny is out there having fun, it’s because he genuinely is.  With his …

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Photos: Gary Numan Live on KCRW

Posted October 11, 2013 by | 2 Comments | 3,603 views]
By Jeremiah Garcia

(Watch/listen to Gary’s set in the archives here)
Before there was Nine Inch Nails, there was Gary Numan.
In fact, Trent Reznor is such a big fan, he wrote a letter to the government supporting Gary’s claim as a person of “extraordinary ability” so the UK artist could permanently move his family to LA.
Gary has called LA home since 2012, which influenced his new album – …

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