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Friday Free for All: Pools + Freeway + Girl Talk

Posted April 11, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 551 views]

Pools – “Innertubes” Mix
Breathe a sigh of relief. You made it, Los Angeles.
The chill of those 50 degree evenings are but a distant memory and it is time for us to put collectively away our hoodies for safekeeping for another 8 months.
The arrival of Coachella foretells the dawn of another season of pool parties, weekend barbecues, and way too many options every weekend.
Just in …

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Friday Free for All: Goldbloc + De La Soul

Posted March 28, 2014 by | 1 Comment | 1,709 views]

Goldbloc — “Black Gold” EP
Boston-based duo Goldbloc have been a group I’ve had my eye on ever since I heard their track “Runaway” a couple of months ago. This week they released a stunning four song EP called “Black Gold“. I’m a sucker for bass-heavy beats and sultry female vocals and Goldbloc bring it on both counts.

One of the main things that really leaped …

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Friday Free For All: Must-Hear Covers of Neil Young and Billy Joel

Posted March 21, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 1,254 views]
Friday free for all square

On the surface, the work of Neil Young would appear to have little in common with today’s electronic music (leaving aside the fact that Neil Young did record an electronic album in 1982 called “Trans” that is well worth seeking out) and yet the past couple of years we’ve seen his work covered brilliantly by contemporary groups like Poolside and Chromatics, proving once again …

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Josef Salvat: Artist You Should Know

Posted March 18, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 863 views]
josef salvat

He’s released a grand total of three songs in his career on a tiny label based out of the UK so, if you don’t know who Josef Salvat is, I’ll totally give you a pass. For now.
By this time next time year, though, there’s a pretty good chance that everyone you know, including your mother will know the name Josef Salvat.
I know, I know, …

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SXSW Preview: Cymbals

Posted March 10, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 878 views]

Cymbals have been one of my favorite bands since their 2011 debut, “Unlearn“. I’ve probably listened to that record from start to finish more than any other album of the last couple of years. (Check out “Totally Over“)
I always wished that “Unlearn” had gotten more attention upon its release, but when that didn’t seem to happen I contented myself with the notion that the …

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SXSW Preview: Vic Mensa

Posted March 3, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 995 views]
vic mensa

Chance The Rapper was probably the most buzzed about rapper of 2013 (Macklemore? Ugh…don’t even…).
The hype was justified as Chance’s “Acid Rap“ mixtape was one of the most thrilling releases of the year. But, in my opinion, the crown for best mixtape of 2013 fit squarely on the head of Chance’s friend, fellow Chicagoan and SaveMoney crew cohort, Vic Mensa for his “Innanetape“ mixtape.
In …

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Friday Free For All: Big Boi + Menahan Street Band and Temples

Posted February 21, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 936 views]
Friday free for all square

Big Boi + Menahan Street BandLast month when Outkast announced they would be playing virtually every big festival in the world this summer, speculation immediately turned to the question — will we finally see a new Outkast album this year?

Big Boi put the kibosh on any hopes of an Outkast reunion album this week in an interview with Diddy’s Revolt TV.
If it’s any consolation …

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Friday Free For All: De La Soul and Juan MacLean

Posted February 14, 2014 by | 1 Comment | 976 views]
Friday free for all square

De La Soul
Next month will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of De La Soul’s seminal “3 Feet High And Rising” album.
Although 3 Feet is widely considered one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, it’s been conspicuously absent from most digital music platforms due to the complicated legalities having to do with sample clearances (and there are a ton …

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Friday Free For All: Duck Sauce and Tree

Posted January 31, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 1,007 views]
Friday free for all square

Duck Sauce –”Quack” EP
Duck Sauce, the dance duo comprised of house music legend Armand Van Helden and legend-in-the-making, A-Trak, had an unlikely worldwide pop hit in 2010 with their song “Barbra Streisand” (here it is if you need a refresher).
The song was fun, catchy and brimming with unbridled bombast, which is a pretty apt description of most every song in Duck Sauce’s (small-ish) discography.
This …

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Oddience: Local Band We Love

Posted January 24, 2014 by | 0 Comments | 1,174 views]

This is a long overdue post I’ve been meaning to write for months about one of my favorite local acts, Oddience.
This LA trio consisting of rapper/producer Tulip Pezley and sibling singer/MCs Eddington Again and Miche Maya, crashed onto my radar for about a year and half ago with their track, “Smile“.

Honestly, how can you listen to this song and not feel good? It’s the …

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