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Daedelus on MBE

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Groove Armada on MBE

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Groove Armada’s set this morning was heavy on new material from their most recent release “Black Light,” yet the band took some time to reflect on one of their most legendary shows in Los Angeles – a packed gig at the Santa Monica Museum of Flying almost 10 years ago. Needless to say, the electronic music duo of Tom Findlay and Andy Cato has …

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Perro Del Mar and Taken By Trees on MBE

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For the first time ever, Morning Becomes Eclectic featured a joint session – with melancholic pop from Swedish artists Perro Del Mar and Taken By Trees (the solo project of Victoria Bergsman, former lead singer for the Concretes.) Enjoy!
Check out the full session here!

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Angélique Kidjo on MBE

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Angélique Kidjo is an electrifying performer with a fun loving personality that was on full display this morning as she spoke to Jason Bentley about her new record and her joyful childhood. She reflected on how her father would dance her mother around the kitchen and how music was a significant part of her life from a very early age. The New York-based vocalist …

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Goldspot on MBE

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Goldspot returned to play songs off  their new album “And the Elephant is Dancing.”  Their music is indie pop with a dramatic, Bollywood flair that made for a great live performance. Check out “Call Center Girl” above and listen to the full session and interview here

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Angela McCluskey on MBE

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Scottish singer Angela McCluskey is widely recognized as the voice behind Telepopmusik’s smash hit “Breathe” and visited KCRW this morning to play tracks from her second solo album, “You Could Start a Fight in an Empty House.” (great title, right?) Angela was a founding member of the Wild Colonials, an LA-based band that gained national recognition in the early ‘90s. She’s worked with a …

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Wild Beasts on MBE

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UK band Wild Beasts have been lauded in their native country for the soaring and ambitious music on their second album, “Two Dancers.” Jason described their music as “intoxicating” and I think that about nails it. Singer Hayden Thorpe’s theatrical falsetto is hard to ignore, but strikes a perfect balance with the shimmering guitar work — it doesn’t come off as overdramatic, but pure …

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