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TOP 12 12″s of 2014

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Guys…I’ve literally been making year end lists of everything since mid-April. So, if you’re interested in the Top 8 L.A. Bathrooms where you can eat crayons in relative silence or Top 27 Curbs where the Red Parking Zone Paint has faded, send me an email and I’ll lace you up.
Anyhow, point is…since I been on a roll, I did a list of Top 10 …

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Top 11 Overlooked Dark Horse, More-of-Everything-Else, Future Classics 2014

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Frankly, annual Top 10 lists are a fun, if not compleeeeetely frustrating exercise in taking inventory of any given years most moving works by our favorite artists. However, by virtue of having to select a limited number of albums for reasons of global uniformity or whatever, things get criminally overlooked.
Below, please find an additional list of albums which were perhaps unjustly overlooked by a …

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DJ Mario Cotto’s Top Albums of 2014

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1 Aphex Twin — Syro
2 Ariel Pink — Pom Pom
3 Mind Fair — Mind Fair
4 Slim Twig — A Hound at the Hem

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Eric Copeland: Artist You Should Know

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A tried and true tenured artist throughout DFA’s history, Black Dice has also arguably always been it’s most left-field. A truly one of a kind outfit, they’ve pretty much always done things their way without regard for trends or what is “cool.”
Although they started as an experimental noise project, like early Animal Collective or Tobacco, it was always hard to tell if Black Dice were a noisy dance music outfit tripping …

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Ariel Kalma’s Harmonic Waves of Evolutionary Music

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The dawning of synthesized sound gave birth to the impressionistic drone.
Informed by minimalism and the newly minted concept of ambient, one of the most fascinating and head tilting aspects of the history of electronic music is the endlessly vast catalog of what could simply be classified as New Age Music.
A vague but meaningful genre born at the crossroads of synthesis, home recording and post-hippie spirituality, New Age …

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Desert Sound Colony: Artist You Should Know

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Back in October, without warning or much accompanying information, Brooklyn-based House label, run by Francis Harris and Anthony Collins, Scissor & Thread released a stunning 4 track EP by Desert Sound Colony.
Moody, downtempo grooves that occupy a new space between chill-out electronica and swirling indie psych rock.
“The Way I Began“ EP is immediately familiar but doesn’t quite sound exactly like anything else. The closest …

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KCRW Video Premiere: Atmosphere – “Fortunate”

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Atmosphere Photo 4

Generally speaking, the state of the music industry is in critical condition.
The industry’s award winning “Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist” is a blonde Australian girl. Even with people curiously buying vinyl again, album sales are at an all time low.
After 25 years of grinding, Minneapolis’ underground hip-hop kings, Atmosphere have proven against all odds, that survival (and relevance) in (or outside) the game is absolutely possible, if not …

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VIDEO: Portable’s sublime “Surrender”

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South African producer Alan Abrahams produces exciting variations of Techno/Machine Funk/House under several monikers.
As Portable, Abrahams released pretty heady House Music with a distinctly European leaning on Sud, Background and Live at Robert Johnson labels and intermittently Abrahams releases work as Bodycode via Spectral Sound in the US.
These distinctions between projects though notable are negligible as it’s literally “all good” as they say.
For the first time in a couple of years, Abrahams …

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Psychemagik’s COSMIC CODE Mix

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psychemagik cosmicc

The rad dudes of Psychemagik collaborated with video artist Ari Russo for a one-off, live improvised performance  at The Ace Hotel’s Miranda Bar in Shoreditch, called “Cosmic Code.”
Diving into their unbelievably deep stacks of records and VHS tapes and laserdiscs, Psychemagik mined thousands of sources for tracks, clips and samples to create a unique soundtrack which they played over a gnarly collection of found footage, manipulated by Russo.
The result by all accounts was a decidely …

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Slim Twig: Artist You Should Know

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Toronto’s Slim Twig is literally an art brat.
Born Max Trumbull, Twig’s parents are filmmakers and quite obviously made him feel comfortable acting, performing and trying on different masks from a seemingly early age.
Still in his early 20s, he’s been in films with Ellen Page, done some film scoring and aside from releasing his own work as Slim Twig, has done production on albums by U.S. Girls and (Toronto band) Tropics.
His self-released 2012 album …

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