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Khruangbin: Artist You Should Know

Posted May 7, 2015 by | 2 Comments | 2,041 views]

A couple of days ago, in the process of looking for more info on Bill Brewster’s forthcoming 3rd Late Night Tales comp, came across an image for a bright 10″ album cover that looked like a cross between 1996′s James and the Giant Peach and The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.
Since I have the attention span of a Labrador Retriever, the inscrutable band name in a clean white …

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The Chemical Brothers are Reborn…In The Echoes

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After a brief hiatus, The Brothers (Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons) are set to return this summer with their first new album in 5 years, “Born In The Echoes”.
Featuring inspired collaborations (as always) with artists St. Vincent, Cate Le Bon, Beck and previous collaborator Q-Tip, the album finds them in full stride. Not reinventing themselves, but rather delivering on the promise that they’ll work …

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Ex_Machina: A Truly Spectacular Soundscape by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury

Posted April 28, 2015 by | 0 Comments | 1,234 views]

Geoff Barrow is an intensely busy, moody dude.
When not making timeless classics with genre innovating project Portishead or newer projects like Beak, Drokk and Quakers or producing records for Anika and The Horrors or running his Invada label or railing against the man on Twitter, Barrow has somehow found time to co-score Alex Garland’s dark, new sci-fi future classic Ex_Machina.
Working with his Drokk collaborator, TV composer Ben …

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Brooklyn’s LEGS Get Sprinkled with Midnight Magic Glitter

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Brooklyn art-rock indie-pop outfit LEGS garnered some attention when their track “So Obvious” landed on the soundtrack to Jenny Slate’s Obvious Child.
Literally a couple of pairs of brothers and their lifelong childhood friends, the band plays slinky, angular funk that would probably make David Byrne do a chicken dance.
The band’s new track “Jungle” has gotten a juicy Midnight Magic rework that beefs up the groove …

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This Soft Machine: Artist You Should Know

Posted April 15, 2015 by | 0 Comments | 1,448 views]
This Soft Machine artwork

Borrowing some titular inspiration from William S. Burroughs, like Robert Wyatt before him, Australian DJ/Producer Tim Sullivan called his music project This Soft Machine. 
Making it’s debut on Eskimo Recordings in April, This Soft Machine has less in common with the Canterbury sound and more to do with the LCD and !!!. Sullivan’s first single has a pair of cool cuts and features instrumentation from Dave Harrington of DARKSIDE a​nd Cut …

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RIP: Barron Machat, Co-Founder of Hippos In Tanks

Posted April 14, 2015 by | 1 Comment | 1,275 views]
Hippos in Tanks logo

I met Barron about 4 years ago at El Coyote.
Like a cliche, I totally walked in super late and I looked around the empty restaurant and all I saw was this smiling kid in a booth.
I looked right at him, the only dude in the room and was unsure if I was looking at Barron because A) he was so remarkably young and B) …

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Tom Vek Gives Emmy The Great a Drum N Bass Remake

Posted April 6, 2015 by | 2 Comments | 1,222 views]

Tom Vek is an longtime personal and KCRW favorite. Since his future classic “We Have Sound“, Vek has built his signature sound on mesmerizing loping rhythms over which he floats super catchy crystalline melodies.
When I caught up with him a few months back, he told me about his increasing fascination with the Drum N Bass sounds of his ravey mid-90s youth.
We reminisced at length about Mo’ Wax comps, Goldie’s “Metalheadz“ and Bukem’s …

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Jamie xx’s Quiet “Loud Places”

Posted March 31, 2015 by | 0 Comments | 899 views]

Without a doubt, one of this generation’s most talented and intriguing outfits, The xx have a white hot allure that revolves around their being virtually untouchable (even and possibly moreso to each other.)
Having seen them a number of times, most recently a few years back at Coachella, their music and dynamic all teeters on push/pull tension that feels like Oliver and Romy are Richie and Margot Tenenbaum on …

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Adrian Sherwood’s “At The Controls” On-U Sound Retrospective

Posted March 27, 2015 by | 0 Comments | 1,354 views]

UK producer Adrian Sherwood is a living legend.
His discography is bonkers and frankly doesn’t quite make sense on paper. And as good as any one of his productions are individually, no one song would necessarily give you pause.
But, like a Chuck Close painting, his discography requires you looking at it (that is, hearing it) from a distance. Trying to connect the dots up close, without hearing the work would …

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Jose Padilla’s Bright New Day

Posted March 24, 2015 by | 0 Comments | 778 views]

Jose Padilla’s last (and most recent) release for International Feel was a deliciously woozy 12″ called “Solito“.
The totally Romantic diminutive of alone, “Solito” perhaps found Padilla exorcising some spirits of loneliness.
That release, however, was only the beginning of a budding new relationship with International Feel’s Mark Barrott. That relationship now in full bloom, has birthed a brand new Padilla release, “Day One” out this week.
A blissed-out sliver of beachy sunlight, …

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