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Cosmic Shock: The passing of Edgar Froese & Demis Roussos

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Although both legendary artists deserve their individual respective eulogies via post, there is a timely and sadly poetic charge their passing, so I felt it compelled to remember their respective legacies in tandem.
I mean no disrespect by it, it’s just so sad and weird to lose both Tangerine Dream‘s Edgar Froese and Greek superstar Demis Roussos (also of Aphrodite’s Child) within days of each other.
In revisiting …

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Marcus Marr: Artist You Should Know

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In 2013, London producer Marcus Marr released a phenomenal jammer called, “The Music”.
That single was a juggernaut and made Spin Magazine’s year end list of “The 40 Best Dance Tracks of 2013”, sitting comfortably at #3 just behind Daft Punk and Todd Terje.
No small feat, especially for a debut single from a new artist.
Now, in advance of a full length debut album later this year on DFA, Marr has released a rad new …

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Gaussian Curve: Collaboration You Should Know

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Although the year end list season is over, it bears repeating that Young Marco, Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash all released remarkable albums in 2014.
And, somehow, in the midst of touring, DJing and promoting, these 3 dudes carved out time to ALSO work on a dreamy collaborative album called “Clouds“.
If you’ve listened to any or all of their albums, you know they’ve all got pretty distinct individual, but totally complementary, styles.
That …

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The Return of Django Django

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UK band Django Django’s 2012 self-titled debut was one of my personal favorite albums of that year.
Unlike a lot of their wavy peers, The Djangos take the high road with their sun-kissed psychedelia, exploring lightness instead of being mired in the din of a heavy fuzz.
Where some might be sitting on the ground sorting it out, Djangos is the sound of taking off running through a field …

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Temples, Restructured Beyond (the Wizard’s Sleeve)

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Erol Alkan and Richard Norris’ Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve project presaged the modern psych-rock explosion with their EPs of fuzzy, warm edits of glammy psych-outs.
Their time warp excursions felt (and still feel) like loopy trips to a Carnaby Street club that never switched formats just got weirder and weirder over time.
Temples , out of Kettering, UK, are cut from this cloth.
Their debut album “Sun Structures“ came out …

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Baba Stiltz: Artist You Should Know

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Given my life experience there are like 3 or 4 notions I’ve come to accept as undeniable axioms.
For example, Pizza is the Dog of foods, the snooze button doesn’t work if you only hit it once and, most importantly in relation to this post, Swedes have pop melodies in their DNA.
20 year old Baba Stiltz has been releasing music since 2009, as dreamy-folkypop Bethlehem Beard Corporation and as producer for …

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TOP 12 12″s of 2014

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Guys…I’ve literally been making year end lists of everything since mid-April. So, if you’re interested in the Top 8 L.A. Bathrooms where you can eat crayons in relative silence or Top 27 Curbs where the Red Parking Zone Paint has faded, send me an email and I’ll lace you up.
Anyhow, point is…since I been on a roll, I did a list of Top 10 …

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Top 11 Overlooked Dark Horse, More-of-Everything-Else, Future Classics 2014

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Frankly, annual Top 10 lists are a fun, if not compleeeeetely frustrating exercise in taking inventory of any given years most moving works by our favorite artists. However, by virtue of having to select a limited number of albums for reasons of global uniformity or whatever, things get criminally overlooked.
Below, please find an additional list of albums which were perhaps unjustly overlooked by a …

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DJ Mario Cotto’s Top Albums of 2014

Posted December 13, 2014 by | 1 Comment | 1,099 views]

1 Aphex Twin — Syro
2 Ariel Pink — Pom Pom
3 Mind Fair — Mind Fair
4 Slim Twig — A Hound at the Hem

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Eric Copeland: Artist You Should Know

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A tried and true tenured artist throughout DFA’s history, Black Dice has also arguably always been it’s most left-field. A truly one of a kind outfit, they’ve pretty much always done things their way without regard for trends or what is “cool.”
Although they started as an experimental noise project, like early Animal Collective or Tobacco, it was always hard to tell if Black Dice were a noisy dance music outfit tripping …

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