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Listen to complete new albums from Bones & Beeker and Martin Crane

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KCRW’s Album Previews — helmed by Eric J. Lawrence — offer a chance to hear new album releases in their entirety each week, prior to and just after release.

The new collaboration between Anthony Newes and Brendan Kelly, aka BK-One, comes from good intentions. Both Minneapolis-based musicians had participated in a variety of music-making projects through the years, from folk-rock to hip-hop, but only met …

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Beliefs, Beat Happening, Kishi Bashi: Listen to the complete new albums

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KCRW’s Album Previews — helmed by Eric J. Lawrence — offer a chance to hear new album releases in their entirety each week, prior to and just after release.

Whether you know it or not, Pacific Northwest indie-rock legends Beat Happening have been a major influence on what you listen to today, influencing the likes of Beck, the White Stripes, Deerhunter, Camera Obscura, Sleater-Kinney, and …

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Artist You Should Know: Mayo Thompson and Red Krayola

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Since the late ’60s, the Red Krayola has served as one of America’s premiere art-rock bands, marrying the ramshackle Dadaist blues of Captain Beefheart with the more academic approach of English avant-rockers Henry Cow. While their records have been consistently distinct from anything else on the scene (or even from their own discography!) the one unifying component of all their releases has been the …

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Listen to Library Voices’ intriguing new album in full

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Library Voices

Lovish, the third full-length album from Canadian band Library Voices, is a record that almost didn’t happen. Their 2011 album Summer of Lust and its seemingly-endless tour left the band exhausted and in need of break. Just as they reconvened to record the new album, singer and guitarist Carl Johnson was hospitalized after a random attack where he was beaten and left unconscious on …

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Listen to the entire new album from Fat Freddy’s Drop

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Fat Freddy's Drop

Of any band which has arisen in the new millennium, Fat Freddy’s Drop has been one of KCRW’s favorites. Over the course of three studio albums and a fistful of live releases, this New Zealand-based collective has captured the musical multi-cultural vibe that strikes our fancy and engages our listeners. Using a mix of reggae, funk, jazz & electronic styles, Fat Freddy’s Drop have …

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Want to watch a live-stream of Destroyer in concert?

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Photo via Merge

Of course you do.
Destroyer, the solo project of Dan Bejar from the New Pornographers, has been a quiet force bubbling within the indie-rock scene for nearly two decades. His distinctively literate brand of music-making marks Bejar as a unique singer/songwriter of note and one whose all-too-infrequent live appearances are to be cherished.
Destroyer’s latest release, Poison Season, is the focus of this special performance, demonstrating …

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Adventure into Paul Bergmann’s ‘Los Angeles’: Exclusive Download

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Singer/songwriter and proud Angelino Paul Bergmann is slowly but surely making a name for himself.
Recording for Fairfax Recordings (the local label on an equally-impressive upswing, with previous releases from the likes of Amason, Broncho, Gotye, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and based out of the former Sound City studios), Bergmann gently plucks his acoustic guitar, strums an occasional electric guitar, and croons …

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Keep Shelly in Athens gets remixed by Different Sleep

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Photo by Tolis Elefantis

There are many Greek things that have found a home here in Los Angeles: the Greek Theater, Greek yogurt, Steve Chiotakis, and now Greek duo Keep Shelly in Athens!

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Asante Phenix’s “Ava” — Song Premiere

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Here’s a familiar rock & roll legend: a young African-American man struggles through the trials of a tough childhood & is inspired by hip-hop music to begin a career as an artist himself. While newcomer Asante Phenix fits this model, he adds a few nifty twists to the story. He is a first-generation African-American – his parents are from Ghana – and this cultural …

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Gallant — Artist You Should Know

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It is always a pleasure to celebrate a local artist who is doing something special, and Gallant is the latest such person to come across our radar.

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